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Former Czech MI Chief Interview

Thought it might be of interest to get the take on a regional back & forth that continues to take place in the NATO vs. Russia world. The Czechs have, perhaps, been awakened again with the publication of a report linking Russian operatives to the 2014 explosion at a munitions plant; 2 dead but billions in their currency lost. They've been also playing the usual diplomatic game of expelling each other's reps, but they also have taken the step of explicitly excluding Russian power provider Rosatom from being able to bid on a nuclear power expansion in CZ.

Direct link to the interview here.
Former MI Chief Andor Šandor: “I would say that what we are talking about now was something that had not been planned. Vrbětice by itself did not pose any threat to Russian security. In this respect, I believe the official version - that the blast was supposed to occur during the transport of the weapons. But if it happened by mistake, which we don’t know, that does not necessarily lessen the importance of the blast. The intention might have been different, but the result was outrageous. I would agree that there was a huge operation on our territory. The Russians are getting increasingly hostile. If you look at the fact that they consider NATO as their biggest enemy, then it is no surprise that they tried to undermine NATO. They are afraid of the Americans in particular. And the Americans play the biggest role in NATO, as you know.

General Foreign Policy page of Radio Prague here, for some related perspectives.
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