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Originally Posted by CowboyMedicine View Post
Retired Physician Assistant. Spent time as an 18D student before going to the dark side, commissioning. Back as a PA with 528th Resuscitation Teams and as a Company Commander at JSOMTC (SWMG). Now consulting with a SOCOM project requiring former 18D and SOCMs to instruct prolonged field care (now prolonged casualty care) in the SOCMSSC / SFMSSSC.

Appreciate this forum and all of those within.
Welcome, Cowboy!
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Going to reintroduce myself.

Posted 6 years ago for the first time here prior to BCT. Went through basic, airborne, SFPC, and SFAS. Unfortunately, I went slightly injured to SFAS after SFPC, but tried my best at selection when I went and was truly humbled by the difficulty of SFAS and was not selected. I am currently still in the Army, but I view that moment as my lowest and most disappointing failure in my Army career.

Since then, I was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant, buckled down on my studies and fitness, and was accepted into the Active Duty Option for Green to Gold which I am currently in. I am going to take my crack at selection which is a few more years down the road, but I know I need to restart the journey early. Glad to have been mentored prior to SFAS as an E from a few guys on the forum, but looking forward to the future in hopes of being selected as an O. Thanks for providing the wealth of information in this forum.

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