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Hello to All

My name is Kirk;
Some might remember me from 1st Group at Ft Lewis or Okinawa;
I retired from the Army in 1998 out of Okinawa and relocated to Delaware (not one of my best moves); although I did finally find a woman who knows how to put up with (or handle) me.
Anyway, hello to all out there.

Kirk P.
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I'm an USAF EOD tech, have been for about 11 years now. I've got quite a few deployments under belt in both theatres. Most recently returning from Afghanistan last year where I worked with some 5th Grp guys; really great group of guys!

You guys have a lot of great information on here, thanks for maintaining the forum.

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"New" Intro

So it seems I'm among the group whose intro's have disappeared....I'm an 11B at Ft. Campbell. Got selected Class 02-12 and assigned 18D/Korean. Report to Bragg in a couple of weeks and really looking forward to the "Q"
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Been reading and heeding the information on this site since '08 when I was still a civilian. Got selected in class 10-11, 18D and Dari. I am currently in SOCM.
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I go before the OCS Review board on 3/13/12. Currently am a Master's student in History, majors of Modern Russia and Political Violence.

Hoping to be selected and work my way into SF as an Officer.
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I'm Spc S., a forward observer aka Fister, from rockingham N.C. I'm currently deployed to afghanistan and planning to start up the process to go to SFAS as soon as I get back stateside. I made the choice to go this route with some personal motivation and got a lot of help from the insight you guys gave me on this forum. I appreciate you guys for what you do, and thanks a lot for the plethora of information you guys provided.
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An old leg served RA and NG, 11B, served when there was still a US designation...Mainly just looking for a road sign to the donate button...

You have an outstanding site here...

Thanks for the privilege of posting.
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Quiet Professional
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I was a former 18E, then JAG with the 82nd, JRTC, 20th and headed to 3rd this summer as the GJA.
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Hi there

Current veteran, hopeful of more military time. Deployed as EOD, looking for information of possible future career paths.
Trying to cover all my bases as to follow simple instructions.

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Originally Posted by QOB View Post
...Mainly just looking for a road sign to the donate button...
Welcome All,

At the bottom of the page you will see a link to the Green Beret Foundation.

"There are more instances of the abridgment of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations"

James Madison
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I'm an 11B1P currently deployed to Afghanistan with 1/501 IN(ABN). I'm married with one child, and I've been in the service for a little over two years now. After reading the posts on this forum for several months now I've finally decided to make an account. I appreciate everything you QP's have put together here, there really is tons of information up for grabs.

I was originally planning on joining the Army as an 18X but decided, after listening to advice from my Uncle, to take an Airborne contract in order to see if the military lifestyle will really fit me, and my family. It's been over two years since then and after a lot of deep thought (not much else to do during your downtime while you're deployed) I've began talking to my leadership about going to Selection.

I plan on putting my packet together shortly after this deployment (now that I have the blessing and support of my SO), but for now my focus is on getting through this deployment and milking all of the experience I can from it.

Thank you for this site, and this great opportunity to learn from you guys.
"I will never explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of freedom that I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it."
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OKAY. Let's try this again it seems.

I'm an electrician working in Nashville Tennessee and happily married to my lovely wife Dacia. I have not served in the Military. I do however try to help to raise money for non for profit organizations that help Soldiers and their family's. I also do "Tactical sewing" for friends downrange.

I appreciate the views of the Quiet professionals on this forum and have learned a lot. Thank you for allowing us civi's to enjoy the knowledge and wisdom you all have honed.

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I joined the Army in 2008 as an infantryman, deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, and completed SFAS September 2010. My language is Arabic and my training MOS is 18C. I am currently in the SFQC and coming up on the tail end of the 18C course.
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My name is Jerome and i'm due to ship out to basic training on 20120423. I am extremly excited about beginning my army career, and taking all the necessary steps towards my dream of becoming a Special Forces Soldier. At this point I training my body, and saturating my mind with as much knowledge as it can retain.
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New Member

Hello, I am currently in the National Guard as a 31-B, but got my release and signed a new contract for 18x. I have some time before I ship out and cannot wait to finally get out of the Guard.
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