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Yes, I’m sure someone from the BLM cult will be along shortly to esplain to us how she’s entitled to drive drunk and recklessly endangering everyone else because of reparations, systemic racism, and the racist constructs of licensing to operate a motor vehicle.

Note: I do not mean or intend to denigrate my fellow Black comrades or toss you into another basket of racially segregated deplorables simply because of the pigmentation of your skin. That would be racist and I’m anything but a racist. I’m just getting tired of all the BS ripping our country apart based on skin color alone. Dr. M.L. King Jr., would be so disappointed in what his followers like the late John Lewis and Elijah Cummings have perpetrated in recent past years to divide the country on race. The “educators and politicians” who use race and sex as a wedge to divide us and create hate and distrust as early as kindergarten to poison young minds and fill them with confusion and doubt about who and what they are and the unlimited potential they have to change the world for the betterment of mankind. The “professors and administrators” in colleges and universities who have sold a false account of history and a revisionist tale of what utopia is going to be like once we “reimagine” ourselves clean (climatically correct) and pure (politically correct) of the struggles and inequalities of the past. A past that would not bear the present and future we had achieved with all its ugliness. Hate Donald Trump, fine but he didn’t start this spiral to the bottom, that came before him and it’s lies from the media to create a false narrative otherwise. Also, the absolute majority of police officers in this country are above reproach and have the highest integrity and care for all people regardless of skin color, nationality or status. The BLM movement is based totally on lies and money from deep “white” globalist pockets who could care less than one ounce about a Black life, or any life, and you know that’s true. The leaders of the movement are sworn Marxist (and apparently capitalist too) and their message is antithetical to our Constitution, our unique American culture and to our existence. So much progress had been made over many generations and it was all cast aside shortly after Barack H. Obama was elected by a majority of both Black and White Americans to lead the country from past successes and racial equality, opportunity and broken glass ceilings that had all been coming down for decades. In my lifetime from the early 60s to the present I have watched and participated in the miracle that is the United States of America, and I hate with all my heart and passions to see it be destroyed by a handful of socialists and globalists using our only weaknesses against us - our freedoms! There will be no winners only losers…it’s like answering the question: “have you stopped beating your wife yet?” There is just no good way to answer that question.

As in the Derick Chauvin and George Floyd case, there were no winners, only losers and, if he had been Black or Floyd white, this would never had been anything more than what it really really was…an unfortunate situation brought on by a multitude of issues resulting in a police action and an unmitigated death.

/Rant off
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