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Originally Posted by Joker View Post
Oh hell, this MFer is crazier than you!
Did you get to see the video footage of his Court Martial of Bush and Chaney? - Do you understand what they have created ?? - There is NO WAY that someone can go around filing documents with FEDERAL AGENCIES making Legal Claims AT A FEDERAL LEVEL in FEDERAL LEVEL COURTS WHILE CLAIMING / MASQUERADING AS A FEDERAL-POSTAL-JUDGE WHILE DOING SO, without being arrested, tossed in a can, and SEDATED. -- What's crazy is the rate at which the baby is thrown out with the bath water around here without so much as an intelligent thought being expressed in relation to the information that's been presented; that's what's crazy. - Shit, I'm just gonna go take some more meds & say to hell with it; all has got to be lost. -
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