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Second Opinion


Definitely get a second opinion. As popular as Rothman is, they will not take on cases where there’s a risk to their statistics. Meaning, they will not take a case that the patient doesn’t satisfy their publicized ratings. It matters to their investors and insurance. They declined my mother-in-law for a seemingly routine procedure, but because she had other health concerns they would not take her.

Look at a smaller, reputable practice. You’re also gonna see physicians are affiliated with numerous practices. Often, they’re linked through hospital affiliation and insurance companies.

Another thought is your body’s ability to regenerate muscle at your age. Not a knock, but my coworker had his bicep repaired when he was in he was thirty. Doc told him they wouldn’t do it if he was twice the age. That was a decade ago.

And anesthesia today is a breeze. Same as just posted, I remember the mask and then hearing the nurses talking. I wanted to tell them I wasn’t sedated. What I was was waking up after the procedure and in the recovery room. That was in November.
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