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Currently, the situation in Poland is very tense. In Poland, all power is in the hands of one man who has the features typical of a dictator and a psychopath - an old man who has no woman, no family, no children, he doesn't do anything himself (he has servants), he lives alone only with a cat! It is difficult to understand and complicated, it is tragically grotesque!

I was born in the 70's. I remember the end of communism in Poland. As a young boy, I fought in protests and was repressed by the communists. I am the father of two daughters. Now I don't want my daughters' lives to be decided by a man who has no idea about the real life of family and women. My whole family takes part in women's protests and supports the women's strike.

But I want to write to the community "Professional Soldiers" - how in a few seconds you can lose your honor, respect, trust in the Police or a soldier!
Last week, the Polish government used an elite anti-terrorist police unit called BOA ("BOA" - Bureau of Anti-Terrorist Operations of the Police Headquarters) to brutally pacify women, BOA is part of the ATLAS group of the European organization associating the AT group). The BOA unit did not have any identifiers at the time of the attack. People thought it was an attack by fascists - the women called the police for help!

The link below is a video showing one of the many pacifications of women by the elite police anti-terrorist unit BOA:

Now the Polish government is engaging military reinforcements - military police to protect ideologically important objects and people. People are beginning to fear that to pacify the protests, the Polish government will use elite military special forces such as GROM (known for its secret operations in Iraq and Afghanistan), which may lead to another comromation of the Polish army!

In 1989, Poland regained its freedom. During this time, we have been working hard to build democracy! The last 5 years in Poland have been destroying democracy by populists and "people of freedom" with a Bolshevik and fascist mentality, which also destroys the trust and image of people in police and army uniforms!

In such situations, the question is always how far can a human in uniform, acting under the orders of the controversial government and political party, go - can he fight against citizens and freedom?

I would like to point out that the protests of women are peaceful and have nothing to do with the nationalist-fascist demonstrations of hooligans fighting on Independence Day!

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