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Your post Badger sparked some curiosity.

So I started looking at writings supportive of the strike. There is plenty of material out there.

I took a few minutes looking at the various web pages to find out who might be behind the curtain.

Once you scroll through the articles and read enough...they themselves tell you who they really are and what is the end goal. I suspect that any crevice that can be pried open to sow division will be exploited by an age old movement.

Here is but an example:


The Polish women's strike is an anti-fascist struggle
October 30, 2020
Written by Reece Goscinski Published in Opinion


“As the movements progress, it is necessary for socialists to organise around systemic questions and develop a class-based orientation. Recent articles by David Harvey and Mick Wattam have argued the importance of aligning democratic values and critiques of capitalism to produce a more just society. Through the development of these ideas socialists can work to resist right-wing populism, advance socialist ideas through theory and practice, and produce a future better for all.”
The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil.

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