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This new kinder gentler anti-masculine Army is so different from the one I served in that I have no idea how to respond. I do recall certain things from my time that would have never allowed this to happen.

The old Army had cooks. (Some claimed to Special Forces or SEALs at some point in their career and that may have been true for the Navy, not for the Army.)
The old Army had mobile kitchens that followed the troops around and provided properly cooked meals at least to an internal temperature of 200•F or dead for sure.
The old Army used thermally controlled cans called “Mermites” that always had a broken latch on the easy open lid to reveal the three aluminum canisters that provided shards of aluminum scrapings with every served meal. And when I say served it’s like a McDonalds sign “Millions Served.” (Whatever didn’t spill all over the back of the Duce and Half and the First Sergeants and/or NBC NCO’s poncho-liner: which would be discovered at about 23:30hrs after driving the empty “Mermites” back to the Battalion rear area support staging area, in sub freezing temperatures.)
The old Army gave you a foldable saucer like aluminum bowl and plate with a stainless steel fork, over sized spoon (could double as an E-Tool if needed) and dull serrated knife that all stuck together like peas and carrots.
The old Army gave each soldier a stainless steel wire handled cup that fit nicely inside the canteen carrier and supported both the even older metal canteen and new and improved O.D. Green plastic issued canteen with M117-A2 nipple valve (which always froze first in the winter and provided much entertainment when lying in wait for an ambush while water slowly drained across your back) to accommodate the drinking tube if the M17-A1 Gas Mask (that always broke the first time you used it.)

With that wire handled, stainless steel, canteen cup, from well before WWII all the way through Desert Storm 1 and beyond many a real man could fill that up with some form of black coffee, smile and say...good fucking morning First’d you sleep last night?
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