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Originally Posted by tom kelly View Post
HEEZ Back, General (RETIRED) Honore is Nancy Pelosi's pick to head her version of the KGB to investigate the "INSURRECTION" in the DC Capitol Bldg. on Jan.6,2021. This is another Warren Commission, 911 Commission, to spend more money on smoke & mirrors to spread the DNC false narrative of White Supremacy trying to seize power from the " ELECTED" & not the appointed & anointed Big Guy, slo joe...The U S A is becoming more FUBAR by the day. Pick a Topic, The Wuhan Virus Variants, Students back to school, vaccine distribution, Gov. Dogface Como's cover-up of his lying about nursing home covid deaths, The frozen wind mills in Texas, wear a mask even a counterfeit one...WTF...
Yep. General Honore is extremely partisan person.
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