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Originally Posted by Last hard class View Post
Just the facts ma'am. Successful career officers have to be adept at maneuvering through the political obstacle course.

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Agree on O's ability to navigate and disagree ma'am.....have you not paid attention to the last 20 years of politics in the military and the 200+ officers under Obama. Have you forgotten the destruction of the Q course at the hands of "good dudes" NCO's, WO's and O' you not understand that Trump never got around to getting rid of Obama loyalist? And IMO it doesnt take a PSYOPs guru to read the Army times and see the enthusiasm many SJWs left over from Obama have in promoting and pushing ahead with the Obama agenda. No General is promoted today if he has shown any inclination to resist SJW issues and he certainly does not get a Command like JSOC if he hasnt shown the willingness to embrace poor policy such as female GBs and Rangers at the cost of a much easier incrementally lowered set of standards altered to produce the results that gets one promoted.
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