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Originally Posted by Box View Post
I'm going to toss out a small dose of my limited edition small batch barrel strength cynicism here at no charge...

Those very same Republican Senators and members of the House didn't seem to have a problem finding a TV camera during the last 4 years of virtue signaling against president Trump's raucous behavior. Suddenly when there is some real good they could be doing to serve the citizen-soldiers they are supposed to represent, those very same Republican Senators and members of the House are suspiciously silent right now - they can't seem to find a single camera to record them publicly decrying the shitty treatment of the troops that are stuck in DC. One might think they would be jumping in front of every single camera they could find to call on the commander in chief to intervene on behalf of his troops.
but they aren't
and they won't

Those very same Republican Senators and members of the House can't seem to find the energy to do much more than the obligatory name-calling but nothing of substance. Certainly nowhere near the energy that was used to complain about insensitive social media posts that hurt feelings - very little energy being spent reminding people that those troops have a chain of command that should be held accountable in the court of public opinion.
...the top of that chain is right there in DC
...the names are easy to remember since they all work just a few miles from where these troops are being neglected
...names that we should be hearing on TV detailing the steps they are already taking towards a solution; names like Grinston, McConville, Whitley, Austin

Oh... and the one guy that could literally end all of their problems with the stroke of his pen: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

Lets not pretend that there is a list of Republican Senators and members of the House waiting to demand a fix for this problem - most of them have fallen silent now that President Trump has left office - let's just agree that there is a very short -very specific list of people that could EASILY address this issue and that the CinC is where the buck stops
...or who knows, it could all be fake news by a Trump supporter just trying to smear the good name of their distinguished leaders

something something this is my squad something something
Well said. So well said that I am stealing, without taking credit for it, Im no president 46.
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