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Earned an 18x on sandhill (OSUT FT. BENNING)

I was 36 when I shipped to to infantry basic training at fort Benning. I couldn't get an 18x contract at meps, but decided to roll the dice and hope to pick one up at OSUT. ITS POSSIBLE!! You must have a GT score of 110 or higher, be at least 21, and score higher that a 270 on the apft. If you don't meet any of those standards you will not get one. Only 2 of us got an 18x contract. So many where disqualified for GT scores and age (too young). This website gave me confidence to roll the dice for the 18x contract, and I feel like I must pay it forward to the next man. Good luck and make sure you meet those requirements, they give NO WAIVERS, actually I got an age waiver because I was too old but they don't give any for GT or Apft scores.I saw many heartbreaks because they where told different. Hope this helps good luck.
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