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Originally Posted by RichL025 View Post
No it's not.

That's what the CHARGES are, that's not the COST.

There are serious problems with the finance side of modern American health care, and one of them is the fact that consumers (patients) aren't told the costs (or actually, the charges) up front, and billing is notoriously random and unreliable.

Where did you get that number from? Is it part of your insurance paperwork? If so, don't worry about it, it reflects the hospital trying to stiff the insurance company to make up for all the times the insurance company stiffed the hospital. Those charges bear scant resemblance to actual costs.

Is this from a bill YOU got sent for a self-pay inguinal hernia repair? If so, that charge is out of line and easily fightable.

The actual COST of the hernia repair is around $5K:

So instead of a Corvette Stingray it's more like a solid used Ford Escort.
You silly goose you. don't you know healthcare is free? You can keep your Dr., you can keep your insurance plan, you can keep your hospital? Geez the gubment said so!

On a serious note, Michael Porter has promoted the novel idea of moving healthcare pricing from a fee for service basis to a cost and materials basis along with publication of pricing and success metrics such as recovery times and infection rates for common surgical procedures. Where these have been implemented the results have been significant increase in efficiencies and quality of healthcare.
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