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Originally Posted by ShamgarTheJudge View Post
Hello all,

Please let me know if this is beyond the scope of what I should be concerned with at this point and time, but Im curious.

Are there any 19th Group members who are commuting from out of state or have transferred to their home state after enlisting in another (Utah being the starting point)? I would love to hear some perspective on either scenario.

Thank you.
It is common to have ARNG SF units with members from all number of states. VERY common. In fact some commute past other units to get to their unit of choice. Why do that? Maybe you know people from prior AC service and want to be on a team with them again. Maybe you started out in a specific state and then moved because of your civilian employment and you are simply happy where you are at. Maybe you are new and want a specific MOS and a particular company is you go somewhere that is not. Maybe you want staff time for career progression. Lots of reasons.

If you are Enlisted, nothing stops you from transferring to another state. You can do what is called an "uncoordinated IST" (interstate transfer) where the gaining state just pulls you in. Losing state can't stop it.

If you aren't yet SF qualified...this really isn't something you should be all too worried about, as you can pretty much go where you want.
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