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Originally Posted by Last hard class View Post

I understand your frustration, as always I will defer to you when discussing current affairs of the regiment. But who better to improve our lot than one of our own? Someone who has actual experience at the the team level is a godsend. I'm suggesting that we support him in this position unless or until he deserves otherwise.

Oh I definitely support a GB O being postured to lead SOCOM....I dont expect anything other than what has happened thus far....I consider myself a realist and fairly adept at understanding politics.....we have entirely too many people who make naive assumptions everytime they are familiar with someone promoted to the starfleet level who seem to forget the reality of what ones character may have shown itself to be that made that happen. 2 years on a team does not come close to exposing the character of a man and certainly doesnt show their ambitions for higher positions. We havent see Generals of a Patton or MacArthur type since perhaps Schwarzkopf....these same Generals turned Afghanistan and Iraq/Syria into numerous 6 month wars with their star lust war hawks getting young soldiers killed in a prolonged groundhog day...these Generals are feeding their future employ with more contracts and high paying positions.....and who cares how many more will die keeping their golden parachutes afloat

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