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Originally Posted by Basenshukai View Post
I have to admit that I have not worked with LT. GEN. Fenton, so I don't much about his time in 7th SFG. His time with JSOC prior to this appears to have been as a J3 there. Before this, he was a Det Cmdr. and - later - an Operations Officer in 7th SFG, and a BN CDR in USAJFKSWCS. I am surprised that this new JSOC commander has not spent most of his career in JSOC (not a bad thing, IMHO).

"Lt. Gen. Bryan P. Fenton, senior military assistant to the secretary of defense, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Washington, D.C., to commander, Joint Special Operations Command; and commander, Joint Special Operations Command Forward, U.S. Special Operations Command, Fort Bragg, North Carolina."
Former SOCPAC CG. Probably helping to align JSOC with near peer threats (re: China).
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