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Yes indeed that's about right. I'm waiting for the rest of his papers to arrive in the next load of gear, but what I have so far is this:

SFC. Mills served with the 5th & 7th SFG, along with 325th Infantry (82nd Airborne). SFC. Mills completed pre-deployment RVN training with 7th SFG at Ft. Bragg in May, 1966 & deployed to Vietnam shortly after that. From 1968-1971 he was stationed at Ft. Bragg (JFK Special Warfare) then after the 2nd tour (Long Hai) he returned Dec. 1972 to Ft. Bragg & was transferred to 325th Infantry, before being transferred back to 5th SFG in 1974.

I'm looking forward to his uniforms and equipment arriving along with more paperwork. I just wish I could find a picture of the guy.
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