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Originally Posted by uboat509 View Post
First, let me say that I have been in the Army for just shy of 18 years and I have never gotten a re-enlistment bonus. I was already indef when I came into SF so I never even got one of those bonuses. That said, as a near my twenty I am faced with a decision. As much as I would like to stay in, I do have a family to think about. My kids a growing up without Daddy, largely, and that kills me. I can take mitigate that a llot by taking a SWCS tour as long as I don't end up as SUT cadre. But I also have to think about my second career. I am not one of those guys who is going to take one of those contracting jobs that will keep me from my family as much as my active duty career did. I am going to find a regular job and come home to the wife and kids each night. As I get older, I will only be marketable for so long and if I wait too long I may not be marketable at all. On top of all that, I will need a degree. I am doing online courses but the OPTEMPO makes it difficult, even when we are not deployed to Iraq. When I hit 22 years (my planned retirement right now) I may need to get out just so I can focus on going to school full time to get my degree.


You Can still CSRB, just not for the Max amount, in case you didn't know.
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