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JJ_BPK 07-23-2018 11:27

Free maps
Might be worth saving this address :munchin

Nat Geo Launched a Free Website for Printing Detailed Topographical Maps

link: PDF Quads Printable USGS PDF TOPO! Maps:


Pete 07-23-2018 12:40

Been using that site for years.

Best thing is if you're close to and edge you only need to print that one part and then go to the next map and print the piece that lines up with it.

Golf1echo 07-27-2018 07:34

Another good source for maps is "My Topo", they supported our race for years with custom water proof maps...that was much appreciated!

sfshooter 07-28-2018 14:30

Used the NatGeo maps from the website last year for a trek across the Snowy Mountains in central Montana (31 miles). They are outdated as far as trails are concerned. Followed what was supposed to be a trail on the map but it turned into nothing but overgrown brush. Ended up criss crossing up the side of a mountain instead of walking all the way back to find a different route. In another part it showed a trail that we could see clearly wasn't a trail unless you were a mountain goat or had wings. All of the other features were accurate though. Decent maps but just not accurate with trails on Forest Service.
Been thinking about trying MyTopo out.

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