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Jperrine 02-20-2021 19:09

Looking for a guy from 3rd GRP 3rd Bn named P Leger who was there mid 90s. He was an 18D and had a “connection” to Waco. I think he left shortly after. Best operator I knew but had some authority issues.

glebo 02-21-2021 05:54

Any idea what BN or TM??

I was in 3d from 91-96, B/2/3.

Doesn't ring a bell...

Jperrine 06-29-2021 15:13

Sorry I’ve been away a while. He was on a ruck team must be 372 or 374. I got there in 92 and he was there when I arrived but had some trouble with the Bn CSM, as several of us eventually did. CSM had previously been at Perscom and thought he still was.

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