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Golf1echo 12-12-2020 13:39

Army vs Navy
Go Army Beat Navy!

Still one of my favorites :D:lifter:D

Gypsy 12-12-2020 14:16

Love that!

Go Army, beat Navy! :lifter

Remington Raidr 12-12-2020 15:26

for the second half
with the fog, CBS needs FLIR.;)

Badger52 12-17-2020 07:40

Walked thru the LR and HH6 had that on. Some of their examples of the new uniform (which I'm fine with) walking with the President could've been better, or get that puppy tailored. Jeebers.

Razor 12-30-2020 23:23

So, it appears that of the 73 cadets involved in the May 20 math cheating scandal, 55 were athletes (75%) and 24 were football players, 17 of whom are still on the active roster due to a change the Superintendent (a former Army football player himself) made to the honor policy in Oct of this year that now allows cadets involved in honor violations to continue to 'represent' USMA at public events.

Time to change the motto from 'Duty, Honor, Country' to 'Convenience, Money, Self'.

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