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ROGUESABRE1 12-27-2016 19:33

URGENT - Special Report - URGENT
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I would not post this unless I KNEW IT to be 100% Correct; as it is my personal account. - Please read this report Gentlemen. As I am your Brother in blood, sweat and tears, know that what I have written here, within this report, I have written for you and for our families, and by GOD as my witness, in my own blood. Investigate every bit of this report and you will find it to be 100% TRUE and FACTUAL. And when you do,... You will then realize why I have posted it here with you. GODS SPEED, to us all Gentlemen.Attachment 33195

blue02hd 12-27-2016 19:53

Where is your intro Post?

Try reading our rules, and following instruction before you save the world.

I'll wait.

JGC2 12-27-2016 20:35

I really appreciate the lower case "united States of America." Most people don't know it's supposed to be spelled that way.

Everything else is a dumpster fire.

Divemaster 12-27-2016 20:38

The last thing in the world I'm doing is clicking on a link posted by this misrouted static line.

SF_BHT 12-27-2016 20:51

Please follow our rules.

Box 12-27-2016 21:12


miclo18d 12-27-2016 21:36


Originally Posted by Billy L-bach (Post 621728)
Your profile mentions 7th Grp, 14th Batt. (1999-2012)
...what company ???
I knew a few guys in Shadow Company during that same time frame.

Did you know a guy named Riggs? I think he got out and was a cop in CA somewhere, maybe LA.

Astronomy 12-27-2016 21:43

Gentlemen... Horton Hears A Who!

Execute Wing Attack Plan R.

Flagg 12-27-2016 22:05


Originally Posted by Divemaster (Post 621718)
The last thing in the world I'm doing is clicking on a link posted by this misrouted static line.

Unsolicited PDF documents are the devil in terms of both tracking and malware payload.

As the Donger once said, "No way Jose."

ROGUESABRE1 12-27-2016 22:24

Gentlemen, Thank you for the kind and generous reply's. - Actually, I have posted my Introduction, at the place where "Introductions" are to be posted. I am not sure as to why you are not able to view it. So with that said, I am a 9th Generation American, American War-Fighter. Both Grand-Fathers on both sides of the "Tree" fought for the Virginia Regulars; one pensioned, one not pensioned, and one of them was an official Spy. I served with the 304th and buried Adam Kinser. 1st PSYOP Specialist to be killed in Combat. Kinser Hall (in Khandahar) is named after him. You guys (SF) lost 6 along with him. He was a good friend of mine, and a brother. --
Now with that said, Gentlemen I do not have time to waste, and I will NEVER waste yours. I am just as much the professional today as I've ever been. I will never dull my blade. - The report that I have attached to this traffic - Good and Well knowing the rules here - I am obligated to post with you, as my brothers and time is of the essence. Do you truly think that I would post information here, with you, if it were going to be to my detriment ?? - That's ludicrous; not to mention suicidal. You guys can not believe that I would do that to the guys at my unit, do you? How would that serve me? -- I just ask, Gentlemen, read what I have brought to you. Its more than important. It's imperative. - I hope to actually receive some constructive remarks or inquiries that might expound further upon what I've detailed for you, that might change your perspectives professionally in relation to the material. I thank you. -

ROGUESABRE1 12-27-2016 22:26

I promise, its a solid PDF. I made it myself. Its not an outside document that I'm "RE-POSTING", here. There are NO HYPER LINKS in it. Nodda. It's static. Solid. Its a good doc.

ROGUESABRE1 12-27-2016 22:37

Also, let me just ask this,.. do you know who 2nd LT Scott Bennett, 11th PSYOP, is?

Joker 12-27-2016 23:21


Originally Posted by ROGUESABRE1 (Post 621739)
Also, let me just ask this,.. do you know who 2nd LT Scott Bennett, 11th PSYOP, is?

I never heard of him, or you.

miclo18d 12-27-2016 23:40


Originally Posted by ROGUESABRE1 (Post 621739)
Also, let me just ask this,.. do you know who 2nd LT Scott Bennett, 11th PSYOP, is?

This isn't a PSYOP/MISO forum, it's a Special Forces forum, why would we know Lt Bennett? There are no LTs in Special Forces.

A few questions:

Your two grandfathers, eh? When were they born? My grandfathers were born in the 1920s. My great grandfather was born in the 1890s... no one that fought in the Revolutionary War was even alive when he was born. Was one of your grandfathers named Methusula?

Kinser, Wade? A 10 second google search can get me the names of KIAs and artlices with their names in it.

Brother in arms? When did you go to SFAS? SFQC? Last I remember 37F was not Special Forces and the last time I saw PsyOps (aka MISO) in combat was sitting on a base jerking themselves off to their "product" in 2002.

Your Bona Fides are weak to be sure and even if you are who you say you are, your ramblings as a writer on the proper way to display a flag and your obsession with my 30th birthday come off as tin-foil-hat-crazy.

Perhaps you should think long and hard about what your next post will be, as it may be your last.

PS You didn't come up with the phrase "Lead, follow, or get out of the way". You may not want to try to attribute that to yourself.

Joker 12-27-2016 23:46

I scanned your drivel and have came to the conclusion 1. you are off of you medication, 2. should be on medication, 3. have bought into a gang of idiots.

I predict your stay here to be short. I was in 7th SFG from March '83 till March '01 and there was no 14th Bn. Get back on your meds.

Your dribble (as in slobber dribbling down your chin) is garbage and ludicrous. Great Britton is up to their ass (arse in their case) with foreigners nor do you offer any proof of your claims. All you have done is pull in some disconnected facts to try to make your shit look important and true.

Your use of our DUI and Prayer insults me. You were an enabler, you were not SF.

Be gone.

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