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Originally Posted by Noah Werka View Post
Anybody heard of a project code named Starlift?

"A C-130 flew in low, snagged the rope, which cut the balloon free, and the load master and this assistant slowly reeled me in. The procedure, code-named Starlift and used by Special Forces to exfil forces from behind enemy lines, went smoothly, but the force of the plane pulling me messed up my back."

Sounds a lot like Skyhook.

From the book
Poke here for Full Battle Rattle
My Story as the Longest-Serving Special Forces A-Team Soldier in American History

Changiz Lahidji and Ralph Pezzullo

Noah W

It does sound like skyhook except in his description he said he released the balloon with the balloon which lifted him into the sky and then the C-130 snagged the line. Suspect that is poetic license since there's no way to release helium from the skyhook balloon so seems to me he wouldn't want to be pulled into the air by it.
The only planned use of Skyhook during the Iranian hostage crisis that I'm aware was when John Carney was flown into the desert one by CIA pilots to put in the remote operated landing lights. if their plane crapped out they would be picked up by skyhook.
But that's not to say there weren't other plans out there. Thanks for posting that link and bringing it up. v/r rick
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