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Brush Okie
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Originally Posted by Flagg View Post
I'm no SME, but when I look at the history of not only how the West brought down the Warsaw Pact, starting in Poland with Solidarity, but particularly with how the Soviet Union and its allies polluted the west thru active measures in the form of war protest movements, anti-nuclear movements, etc....the effects have been very long lasting.

One could almost make a claim that "active measures" and their 2nd, 3rd, 4th order effects have resulted in long-term genetic damage to the fabric of societies.

So many have rallied against the development and deployment of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons due to their horrifying and lasting effects.

But we seem to have allowed a new(more like unknown/unrecognised) class of intellectual/cultural/tribal weapons of mass destruction to be deployed and fired with reckless abandon.

To me it seems like we watched as Intellectual/cultural/tribal phosgene gas sprayed on the population in the 60's/70's/80's, took a decade long nap, and then watched again as Intellectual/cultural/tribal VX got sprayed on everyone.

Meanwhile, it seems like our "betters" have "inoculated" us with polonium instead of atropine.

Internal threats.

External threats.

Emerging threats.

Technological threats.

Both the volume and complexity of the problems we face are accelerating.
That is why we need to look at long term effects not just immediate results.
What doesn't kill me better start running.
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Billy L-bach
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It's better for him to be 'pro-SF' than ill informed and looking down his nose at us.

Maybe now that he has visited USASOC, we will be able to get a free Facebook page.
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I remember years back an NPR exposay on his Cl@ contracts.....you don't hear much about that anymore nor can you find much about them....and why not, I suppose there is a tremendous amount of very detailed intel if one can sort it out.
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By Dand

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Team Sergeant
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Originally Posted by Billy L-bach View Post
It's better for him to be 'pro-SF' than ill informed and looking down his nose at us.

Maybe now that he has visited USASOC, we will be able to get a free Facebook page.
I seriously doubt he's pro-SF. He likes to rub belly buttons with Chinese leadership, they murder by the millions, torture, kidnap, oppress.... we all know who the communist Chinese are.....

I'd like to think Special Forces was the anti-communist Chinese answer.

Sorry, I'd never allow the fakebook CEO to have dinner at my house.
"The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy, but where are they."
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