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You are what you eat..
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You are what you eat..

This is a little know factoid that was published 1,500,000 years ago,, and is well worth repeating..

Be careful when foraging in the field..

Remember the old saying "You are what you eat" or in this case "You are who you eat..."

This early human ancestor is to blame for genital herpes, Ashley Strickland-Profile-Image, By Ashley Strickland, CNN, 4:21 AM ET, Mon October 2, 2017

Herpes has been around a long time, to say the least.

Ancient chimpanzees genetically passed oral herpes (herpes simplex 1, or HSV-1) to the earliest humans millions of years ago when our lineage split. And we almost missed out on catching that other scourge, genital herpes (HSV-2) -- almost.

Unlike HSV-1, HSV-2 didn't make the leap to early humans on its own.
Unfortunately for modern humans, millions of years ago, an early human ancestor was in the right place at the right time to catch HSV-2. And it might not have happened if it weren't for that meddling hominin species Paranthropus boisei, according to a new study in the journal Virus Evolution.

Standing at about 4 feet tall, boisei had a small brain and a wide, dish-like face. It is most well-known for having big teeth and hefty chewing muscles. One skull was nicknamed "Nutcracker Man" for these traits.

Boisei acted as the in-between agent for genital herpes to make the species jump from primates to humans, researchers say.

Ancient chimpanzees, boisei and Homo erectus were all in Africa between 1.4 million and 3 million years ago, in an area where the evolution of modern humans would occur. It would be easy for them to come into contact with each other around water sources.

HSV-2 itself was evolving at the time, and it could be spread orally.

The researchers believe that the circle of life caused this transmission, which would have to happen through fluid exchange. Chimpanzee bites or scratches would transfer the virus through sores.

So what about the human bloodline? According to the researchers, transfer could have happened through sexual intercourse or Homo erectus consuming boisei -- or both.

"We can 'blame' our ancestors for eating other hominins/great apes, this has been the source of other primate-to-human infections such as HIV," Charlotte Houldcroft, senior study author and virologist at the University of Cambridge Department of Archaeology, wrote in an email. "Eating other species closely related to oneself has risks, because pathogens adapted to species genetically similar to us will find it easier to jump the species barrier."

Ba Da Bing...

PS: If this should to in the sub-fora FUR or Medical Pearls Of Wisdom, could the admins please move
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Standing at about 4 feet tall, boisei had a small brain and a wide, dish-like face. It is most well-known for having big teeth and hefty chewing muscles. One skull was nicknamed "Nutcracker Man" for these traits.
Wasn't she a dancer at Ricks?
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Originally Posted by MR2 View Post
Wasn't she a dancer at Ricks?
No, pretty sure she was at the 7 Dwarves....
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