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Originally Posted by DIYPatriot View Post
Could you please share or PM those instructions? I have a few of my grandfather's that I'd like to clean up. Thanks
Here is what he sent me ...

the only cleaning you should do would be use a wood toothpick to remove any debris inside the frame and the joint, some extra fine steel wool and WD-40 on the blades, if ya have to followed by a single drop of light oil (sewing machine) in the joint where the spring touches the tang of the blade.

the goal of the steel wool is not to make the blades bright but to remove any loose surface oxide. 0000 steel wool is what I would use.

DO NOT use a Scotchbrite pad of any kind. That stuff is aluminum oxide (sandpaper mineral) embedded in a fabric matrix that actually abrades steel.
Hope it helps.


Originally Posted by Beef View Post
Yes, that was for you. I'm traveling, so using my phone to view the pictures. I couldn't make out much but "West..." See if you can read the makers on the tang. I'm pretty sure that two are Imperial or Colonials or maybe imported. I have a couple of Purina advert knives that were my grandfather's (he was a farmer) and they are of that make. We'll see what Mr. Bill has to say. I'm really interested in who made the 3 blade punch.
Right now, all that I can make out is ....

The Black one: HENRY SEARS then below that 1865 then below that either a G or a 6 and 50N

ETA ... Just did a quick search for Henry Sears Knives, and found quite a bit. In the above line I said that the bottom line said G or a 6 and 50N .. when in actuality it's & SON.

Henry Sears & Co. was started around the end of the civil war in Chicago. In 1883 it became Henry Sears and Son. Look at the tang for a clue when the knife was made:
H. Sears MFG Co was made 1865-1883
Henry Sears & Son Chicago 1883-1897
Henry Sears & Son 1865 1897-1959
Note that the later models had 1865 stamped on the tang and does not mean that the knives were made in 1865. That is kind of confusing to some folks who think their knife is really old.

The company was actually sold to Farwell-Ozmun-Kirk Co aroound 1887 though they kept the same name. I do not think it has anything to do with the Sears we now know.
The Green one: On one blade there is some writing which is difficult to make out, but below it there is a cartouche that looks like a bird, possibly a rooster. The other blade has the PAT. NOS. 2037943 on the fist line and on the second line I can't make out the first three numbers, due to the tang being covered by the frame, but the last four are 0537.

The Yellow one: one the first line it appears to be a signature, can't really make it out and then below that it says CHICAGO U.S.A.

Let's see what I can make out after cleaning them up.
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Thank you
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