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Instagram scammers

I recently restarted posting on Instagram after a hiatus. This past weekend, I was followed by someone with the account name RayOdierno. This name meant nothing to me immediately (my apologies), so I thanked him for following and moved on. He has then be asking me questions, so I did a search and the picture/name matches the former Chief of Staff for the Army. There are also 7 LinkedIn accounts for Ray Odierno with similar, but not the same pics, all with dubious data, including one from Nigeria. I speculated a scammer for the Instagram account, but out of respect, wanted to ensure it was not really him.

It is a scam - of possibly a chatbot. The account answers questions and asks different questions. I got very specific as one of my employees met the actual General in Tikrit in 2004. I was able to craft a question given real data from employee that the General, or someone serving at that location would know the answer to. The answer provided was "yes, exactly" which is not even close. Anyway, the chatbot now has something very important to discuss with me on Skype or Google Hangouts.

He has been blocked and reported.
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