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Joined the Randall fraternity

Back in the day, and almost 40 years ago when I was a kid in 5th Group I remember that some of the older guys carried Randall knives. There was a gun store in Fayettenam that sold them but I remember that they were about two hundred dollars.

Fast forward. I've been wanting one lately and didn't want to wait five years by ordering from Randall directly so I found a used but mint condition one on evilbay for about five bills.

Any other Randall fans here? Anybody think they're a little too heavy? Any comments?
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Carried a small Randall in RVN.
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The summer of 1969, early August, on my way back to Bragg after graduation from scuba school in KW.

I stopped in Orlando at the shop and order a Model 16 Diver. I think it costs me $58.00 USD?

I was pre-notified I was shipping to Nam in Dec and the wait was 3 months, so I asked if they could send it to my parents. They ended up shipping it before I left.

Unfortunately, three months after my return, it was stolen, along with my 67 RS/SS 396 Camero

Replaced the 16 with a model 2.

My model 2 sits in the safe with the Camillus and Hackman butterfly that I carried.
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I also have some Randall knives. I became interested in them when my father ordered his in the mid '60s. Bo took a very young kid around the shop to show him the process for making the knives. I am forever grateful to him for that. As far as "heavy" My 14 is the heaviest and is very comfortable. I have a 14 kit knife which is heavier but still comfortable. The kit knife and my fathers are from the '60s the rest of mine are '80s and later. Mr. Randall made many styles for every application. JJ, the Hackman is on my bucket list, what a tale. Mojaveman, that's a beauty!


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Welcome to the club. Beautiful knife you got there. I’ve had two Model 14s (first one got stolen) both were carried on my LCE/LBV for my whole SF career and used as it should be.

Keep the blade oiled and it will last forever.

P.S. If you need a hard sheath (jumping requires it) the Buck Master II is a perfect mate and drains water too.
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I have 3 Randalls. Never get tired of handling them.
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My Combat Companion purchased earlier this year from a private seller. I owned a Stag handle Model 1 some years ago and regrettably sold it. This CC will make its first elk hunting trip in just a few weeks.
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