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Cool Bishop

Hello, my name is "Bishop". I am a 22 year-old student from Denmark. Right now I study for Medical Laboratory Scientist. I have no military background however... as soon as I am done with my current education I will apply for either the sergeant- or the officer education in the danish army. After some years of experience in the army I will try out for the danish special forces (hopefully with experience and motivation I will get in), known as "Jægerkorpset (The Jaeger Corps)". My reason for joining this forum is to have the ability to ask about certain things, if the search option should fail me.

If you have any questions of any sort feel free to ask.
Plus Esse Quam Simultatur
The Jaeger Corps
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Originally Posted by kazimer View Post
My name is Sherman I am an Army Captain with 7 years of service. Previously with the Corps of Engineers now a 24A. I missed my boat of being an 18 series officer but am exploring other ways to serve the special operations community.
resign your commision and become an NCO. If you want something bad enough youll do what it takes. I went through the Q with one such ex-officer, now an NCO.
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Hello all, I am stationed at Ft. Hood TX, active duty. I am here to know more about the SF community. I am seeking to go to selection sometime in 2013 when i feel I am physically ready. I am here to learn more, not looking for answers. Thank you all for what you do!
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Originally Posted by zoolander6 View Post
resign your commision and become an NCO. If you want something bad enough youll do what it takes. I went through the Q with one such ex-officer, now an NCO.
Yup, a CPT is summer help anyway, two yrs if lucky...then off to staff. Want more time on a team????...go NCO..

How bad ya want it??
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Recently graduated the course. Heard about this website from a friend during the 18D course. Lurked around for a few months, and I figured now was as good a time as any to join. Looking to learn from those that have BTDT.
"You don't trust a man that doesn't have any vices."
- Rodrigo Reyes
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Greetings to everyone.

I'm Shane. I'm an active duty 11A currently in the Colorado Springs area with 4ID. Been deployed to Afghanistan once, recently returned, married for some years, and currently biding my time here in Colorado awaiting word back on whether or not I'll get to attend selection. I've had family members in the military, ranging from regular army to SF from the 70's and 80's. I understand that I am not "SF by proxy" , but I highly value that specific family members experience and stories that he has shared with me, which have helped me to become a better JO.

Thank you to all the QPs for what you do, have done, and will have done for everyone. Your service has provided me with the opportunity to serve as well.

“A leader should possess human understanding for others. Men are not robots and should not be treated as though
they were machines. I do not by any means suggest coddling. But men are highly intelligent, complicated beings
who will respond favorably to human understanding and By this means their leader will get maximum effort from
each of them. He will also get loyalty—and in this connection, it is well to remember that loyalty goes down as well as up.”
–GEN Omar Bradley
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SF Hopeful

Hello all. I am currently an enlisted soldier with the MOS of 91B (Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic). It is a particularly boring MOS, and it seems as if most of the soldiers in my unit are completely satisfied to remain bored. This is not for me!

I originally approached my Army recruiter with the intent of getting an 18X contract. I had recently returned from Haiti where I had helped to build 46 new houses for amputee victims of the earthquake. While there, my group of carpenters was at all times accompanied by a group of "Ex" SF guys. I was extremely impressed by their level of teamwork, discipline, calm in the face of fire, and general toughness. I wanted in.

Unfortunately, as my recruiter let me know, the childhood arrest record that I gathered 15 years prior barred me from an 18X contract (I have no record now, and the record then was minor and understandable). However, he informed me that an Active Duty soldier would have a much better chance once already enlisted. I decided that I would take that path, and here I am now.

I am tough enough. I have solo hiked several peaks in the Rockies with far too much gear, for fun. I have slept in the most uncomfortable place in the US, Asia, Haiti, and Mexico and I enjoyed it. I experience pleasure from hardship and am more clever when stressed. I'm physically fit (270 and climbing), mentally strong (GT 134), and I have a strong sense of loyalty. I do not quit, especially when someone else is counting on me.

Anyway, hello y'all. I have already spoken with a SF recruiter at Fort Riley, and I am in the process of getting all the tests done in order to attend SFAS. I am looking to you folks for guidance and motivation. Thank you!
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My name is Josh, I'm 22 and recently enlisted in the Army as an 18x. It's always been a dream of mine to become a part of the elite special forces group. I Graduated from Eastern CT State Univ. with a Bachelor's in Business Administration but I am looking to do something different with my life, something that matters. I've been training like crazy and can't wait to ship out in 6 months.
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I am Austin. I am 18 years old and feel that Special Forces is what I want for my life. I plan on signing in about two weeks under 19D MOS. I feel that with the way I PT currently, that gaining the experience in the military I can now is a far smarter route than waiting two more years on an 18x contract. I have been reading far before I registered on the site, and I really appreciate this resource you have provided for everybody aspiring to be SF. I plan on making the best of my stay here and am looking forward to hopefully adding to the ranks of QPs in a few years!
Preparation and determination are the keys to success.
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Nothing to offer just here to listen and learn.
23 year old full time college student at Arkansas Tech.
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Hello, I am here to learn from your past posts and future posts. Most of my questions have already been answered in your past posts. I am a 18X hopeful in the next year. Names Ben, im 22.
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Hey all,
I am a 68W1P in the 82nd. I have always wanted to get into a SOF unit and after this deloyment I may get my chance. Just here to learn as much as I can before selection
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Hello Quiet Professionals,

I am currently a Corporal in the USAR. Served in Afghanistan for a year between 2010 and 2011. Will be attending the U.S. Military Academy for Class of 2016 starting this July. I am looking into this site as an SF NCO I had worked with recommended it to me due to my interests in SF. I am a realist and I understand every 'cadet' wants to become SF so I figured joining this community I will be able to put things better into perspective. Thank you for your service.
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Hello All,

I'm currently an 18x, awaiting the few final weeks till I ship to Ft. Benning for basic training. I gotta say, along with being a little anxious, I'm extremely excited and proud to walk this path, following the footsteps of some great soldiers.

Why SF? A lot of people have asked me (including myself), there is no simple answer and there are many reasons that can be named. Its just a gut feeling that it is something I have to do, I cannot describe it or justify it to someone. I'm not content with living my life with regret and "what ifs". Cast or tab. Best of luck to the rest of the candidates, and thank you QPs for allowing this site and all the info to be available.
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From South East Texas, 24 years of age, PCSing to Fort Bragg this summer, where I hope to find a mentor.

I'm an Air Defender, 14G. I have felt a calling into Special Forces for many years. After a great deal of soul searching, much thought, I have decided I will earn the right to wear a Green Beret, one day, preferably as an 18D.

Since a man is known by the company he keeps, I seek to keep company with men who are of greater character than I am. I will keep this brief as I am a guest. I do not wish to make a fool of myself so I'll keep quiet and speak when I have something worthwhile to say.

I'm seeking wisdom and striving to attain the characteristics needed to become a Special Forces Soldier.

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