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Good evening. I am a 22 year old that just finished up school. My next chapter in life is hopefully the 18X route. I currently have a mentor who is a retired X-ray, but I am always looking for more sources of information. I know this site will provide that. I enjoy reading, the outdoors, and exercising. I hope to learn a lot.
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Kevinmick Intro

I am currently an Engineer Officer in 2BCT, 101ABN. Graduate of Syracuse University circa 2014. Have spent hours reading the stories and insights of the QPs on this site, thank you for all of it. I have been given the once in a career opportunity to attend SFAS in October of this year. Training harder every day.
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Hello everyone, 22 year old here about to finish up my bachelor's. I've been working as an emergency room scribe for the past 3 years with the aspirations of becoming a physician. I have worked with a PA and Physician who were both Silent Professionals and admire their stories. Thank you all for everything that you do.
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I'm a former Ranger (2/75) that got out in 2012. Got a computer science degree, gave 'normal life' through software development a chance and have been mostly entirely disillusioned the day I started working again 1.5 years ago. I found this forum years ago when I was weighing trying out for Group versus going to college, and return to better inform me of the things I need to do in order to succeed. Thank you for the opportunity and advice.

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Smile Introduction

My name is Matt. I am 33 years old and I served 12 years in the Army. Joined about a month after 9/11. I started in logistics, was a medic for a few years and ended my career as a CBRN soldier. Three tours, twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan.

Best part of my career was getting to train/work with a group of guys from 5th Group during my second tour in Iraq. They offered to help train up me and my team in preparation for our mission of training Iraqi military. By far the best training/mentorship and professionalism I have ever experienced in my life was from the Quiet Professionals!

Got out in March 2013 and have done just about everything since then. Construction, retail, even Starbucks. Currently working in a unique security/ems position at my local zoological park. It is as cool and as boring as it sounds.

I am married with a daughter and in my spare time I am pretty much doing anything that gets me outdoors and moving.

Been a member of the forum for years and have never introduced myself.

Thanks for having me.
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I am not sure if I have posted before, its been years since I was on this site, over 10 years I think.

Always wanted SF, not the tab, the mission. Turned 20 at basic, just in time to go to selection, but didn't make the cut. Was told to come back later. Went EOD, deployed to Iraq, then got out to go to school and get married.

Now I'm dying for another go, though the Army doesn't seem to keen on PS ATM.

28 yrs old, two daughters, and I am Reformed. Also, love the forum.
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Sheer Faith
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Hello, First off I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the brave souls that hold the line and to the heroes that ran into the fire zealously and paid the ultimate price for their team and the freedoms that we still have today.

I am a 24 year old from Illinois stationed in Fort Bragg. I’ve aspired to be in SOF since I was a kid and came to the conclusion that The Green Berets is what I was going to work towards 3 years ago right before I enlisted. After many setbacks and obstacles, I finally have a Selection report date on August 30th 2017.

I am a husband, and a father of a 14 month old boy. In my free time I read, ruck, run, swim, lift, eat, and sleep, with an emphasis on becoming who I need to be to get to and through Selection.

I’ve been reading this forum daily for about a year and felt obligated to become a member, introduce myself, and thank all of the PS administrators and moderators who professionally share their invaluable insight.

Take care, and again, thank you very much. God bless you all!

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My name is Jake im 24 years old. I've been looking into the military for some time now and have decided to go in with an 18X contract. SF seems to be the best fit for what I want to do to be able to serve my country. Glad to have found this website the info i have been reading through on this forum is invaluable.
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Hello all. Here for general atmospherics and positive reinforcement. I've got 6 years in.

I'm a lurker by nature, however every once in a while I have my two cents to give, so backstops are necessary.

Glad to be here! 乾杯!
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18D Prospect
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To those who have gone before me, those that walk beside me, and those who will follow after I'm gone, thank you.

My name is Chris. I'm a Paralegal NCO with 8+ years on Active Duty, currently pursuing the honor of wearing the Green Beret. Spent the last few years contemplating my career options, observing the goings on in the world, and I feel that SF is calling me.

I'm heading out to Colorado in a few months, and I'm working with my recruiter here in Georgia to send me to SFAS in JAN18. In the meantime, I'm taking in all the knowledge and advice I can get from anyone willing to share.

My decision to go SF: Last year, I re-enlisted specifically to go to Carson, when I first learned that 10th SFG(A) was out there. A light bulb flashed in my head, and I started looking into the unit and SOF in general. I was drawn like a moth to the flame. I did everything I could think of to get an assignment there as a 27D, but found out their slots were all filled. Well, I decided I was going to Group, one way or another. Now I'm here, counting down the days. If anyone is in the area and wants to link up, or if anyone wants to talk offline, please feel free to PM me.

"It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the Master of my Fate,
I am the Captain of my Soul."
-William Ernest Henley
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Medium Speed
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good morning all,
I'm a medic with the 101st DIVARTY, and I'm currently training my body and mind in preparation for SFAS. I haven't set a class date yet (I want to be fully ready before I go, and I have some administrative BS at the unit level I also need to handle first), but I push myself to be better than the day before.

I just hope to lurk here and gather information to improve myself so I can be the greatest asset possible to my country. The power of knowledge can never be overstated enough.

APFT score: 283 (1 month ago)
12mi ruck, 35lbs: 2hr 45min (2 months ago)
4mi ruck, 47lbs: 45min (2 weeks ago)
5mi run: 39:40 (1 week ago)
4mi run: 30:30 (1 month ago)

So physically, I have improvement to make. No retreat, no regret!
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Hello gentlemen,

Nothing too interesting here. I'm an IT guy who volunteers in the CAP on a SAR air crew. 2d Lt. there. Nope, not even close to active duty (missed my opportunity for that), just trying to do my part. Love to learn about weapons systems, love to shoot and study tactics. Happy to be here, hope to learn a lot.
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Good afternoon,
I'm currently in Fort Benning waiting to class up at OCS. I plan on branching Infantry and putting in an SF packet after my first combat deployment. I love reading the stories of prior SF guys and learning how to be the best I can be. Thank you for allowing me access here and I hope I don't disappoint.
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32 year old Fire/SWAT Medic from Alabama.
2003 after graduating highscool I was denied a contract to attend Seals or EOD due to the fact I found out I was red/green color deficient. So I chose not to sign any other contract in MEPS because I was highly Pissed. So I went home and became a firefighter and received my paramedic license and later getting assigned to the PD as one of their Medics.
As more SF/Seals I meet through classes from SWAT, I found there is waivers and reserve units in SF.
Therefore a friend notified me ab a PT tryout for the 20th beginning of this year. Never rucked or truly ran... I went to see where I would fail and start training from there. Push ups sit ups pull ups were my strong point but the 2 mile and rucking kicked my tail. Now 6 months later from training 5-6 days a week I got my 2 mile from 15:52 to 14:15'sh and rucking 12 mile from 3:02 to 2:32. Push ups stil over 80, sit ups over 80, pull ups around 32 (depending on the day).
My goal is make APFT @ 300. Just hope in the next 6 months I'm able to take the PT again and receive a contract.
I can finally put the regret behind
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Thank you for the amazing services and sacrifices you guys give and have given to us.

I'm a former 11B, enlisted from 2005-2009 with one deployment to Iraq with the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment (now known as 2 CR).

I'm here for all of the bountiful information on the selection process and considering this as a future goal in the next few years.

Looking forward to seeing other great posts!
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