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Ammunition Inventor Wins $15 Million Patent Infringement Suite Against the US Army

LMAO! This isn't the first time the Army has screwed a small business. It is nice to see one get some of their own back for a change.

Liberty Ammunition, a small business in Florida, won a $15.6 million judgment against the Army in a patent infringement lawsuit Dec. 19. The company alleged that the service passed on proprietary data and specifications for its lead-free copper-core, steel-tipped bullet technology to other vendors.

In addition to the judgment, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims ordered the Army to pay the Florida-based company a royalty of 1.4 cents for every lead-free bullet it purchases until the company’s patent expires in 2027.

At issue is the Army’s enhanced performance round known as the M855A1.
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This was the same company using the SFA logo. I went on their website and I no longer see it on their ammo.
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PEO Soldier did the same thing with Paraclete's release system on armor vests. I wonder if D'Anunzio or MSA is having their lawyers look into this.
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