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I used this ammo for carry:


The recoil was not bad due to the bullet weight. 158 grain LRN was more painful to shoot.
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When you think +P remember tha the .45 only travels at 830 FPS. Most arrows travel at 300FPS and many of those over penetrate their targets. Same goes for 9mm, fast and will over penetrate its target.

The ideal situation is to have all kinetic energy dissipate on/in target and not penetrate.

And....... if you cannot make a fast/accurate second shot because you cannot take the recoil of +P ammo then its time for a upper body workout, or join the FBI as they have all switched to the sissy 9mm........

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I have two Springfield XDs w 3.3" barrels, one in .45 and the other in 9mm.

With a 3.3" barrel, I need all the FPS I can get.

I'm using Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel hollow Points in these.

.45 230gr tested w 4" barrel is 820 FPS at the muzzle.
9mm124gr tested w 3.5" barrel is 1150 FPS at the muzzle.

With this, the .45 still has the most punch while the 9mm has twice the accurate range.

As for recoil, there is some more, but the wife is good with either pistol and I'm only slightly better.

They both have a good flash, but not much more that the training ammo I use (Winchester white box, Blazer, Remington yellow box).
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9mm Ammo Quest: http://www.*******.com/playlist?list...DMgd-w4Yozc27i

Might be relevant to thread. Series of ******* videos of various tests of 9mm ammo out of "pocket pistol" sized guns.

9mm Ammo Reviews: http://www.*******.com/playlist?list=PL727CAFF8A6C0D3BF

This series is the same stuff but with a focus on "duty" sized handguns, or in other words, compact or G19 sized guns.
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Hogue Rubber Grip

You'll want to cover the back of the grip frame if you're going to shoot it often.
It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required.
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+P Ammunition ?

AS ALWAYS, SHOT PLACEMENT is the key factor that will yield a lethal blow to an assailant. +P ammunition is small arms ammunition that has been loaded to a higher internal pressure than standard ammunition of its caliber. Modern high quality ammunition such as Hornady critical duty, Speer Gold Dot, Cor-Bon, Buffalo Bore, Federal Premium HST, Sig Sauer Elite Performance ammunition. This ammunition is tested to conform with the SAAMI specifications, and will get the job done; If the shot is placed on a vital organ, the brain, heart ect.

REGARDS, Tom Kelly
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Holy necropost.

Federal has a full product line of HST hollowpoints, both regular and +P. Good rounds.

The difference between the +P and the standard loads (in the same bullet weights) contradicts the assumption that faster hollowpoint bullets penetrate deeper. In fact, the faster bullets expanded sooner and therefore, ran out of energy quicker, leaving a shallower, but wider wound.

As always, shot placement is the key. Not too many people will walk off a head shot.

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De Oppresso Liber 01/20/2017
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