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Originally Posted by The Reaper View Post
Any load approximating the issue M193 such as the Winchester Q3131A or Federal American Eagle would be my generic choice.

Look for a 55 grain bullet with a cannelure.

If you want a more expensive precision round, the 62-69 grain match HPs should shoot well in your rifle.

For light game, I would take any of the heavier bullets in a bonded version.

For varmints, the lighter bullets.

For two legged game, the M193 clones should do just fine.

Avoid Wolf and unknown foreign surplus. Others may have a different opinion, this has been discussed here several times if you want to look it up.

I also enjoy the .22 conversion kit for plinking and CB cap use.

T R what 22 conversion do you recommend at this time? Thanks
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I have the Ciener and the Spikes.

The Ciener runs well, but is the most difficult company to deal with I have ever encountered.

My Spikes does not run, even after being returned to the factory. Other who have them love theirs.

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Originally Posted by Team Sergeant View Post
Last time I was hunting I just showed the deer (a twelve pointer) I was using Black Hills Ammo and it just laid down and died.

Team Sergeant
It is getting knee deep! That ranks right up there with Cousin Randy's TALL tales
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Update, in case anyone is considering buying Fiocchi

Originally Posted by WholeManin2010 View Post
Anyone here have experience with Fiocchi's 55 or 62 gr. FMJBT ammunition? I got the impression that their quality is on par with most average American made plinking ammo. I am considering ordering a case of either, as they can currently be had for a fair price and free shipping.

Also, considering that the 62 gr. is not a clone of M855, and does not have the steel penetrator tip, should I expect increased accuracy due to the heavier bullet vs. the 55 grain? Will be blasting it through a piston gun with a 1:7 barrel twist.

Thanks in advance.
I've purchased and fired 1000+ rounds of each weight since this post. BLUF -- I think that better ammo can be had for equal or less money.

The 62 grain (no penetrator, not an M855 clone) worked just fine, and had it not been for issues with the 55 grain rounds, I would consider purchasing it again.

The lighter stuff was prone to blowing primers clean out of the pockets. Good thing I always wear eye pro. Most of the time, the spent primer flew out alongside the expended brass. A few times it made its way into the chamber, which kept the bolt face from seating fully, giving me the closest thing to an FTF that I've ever experienced with my LMT. This happened with about 50 rounds out of 1200.

Interestingly enough, when I purchased the case of 55gr, the folks selling it were very excited about how "hot" it was, mentioning that they'd chrony'd it at some pretty blistering speeds. Seems this (overpressure?) is the likely culprit.

Federal/Winchester/PMC it is.
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Originally Posted by jatx View Post
Hmm, I may need to look around for some pics of what the 75 gr. TAP will do to a wild pig...fun to say the least!

I didn't take any pictures, but a friend recently called about a problem he was having with wild pigs. I took my rifle and a couple boxes of TAP with me. I will say the round performs quite well in live tissue. Much better than it did in gelatin, in fact. Also, it was a helluva fun weekend.

I'll get pictures next time I head out there.
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Is this considered too hot? Would this wear out a AR prematurely?
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Originally Posted by Gold Eagle View Post
Is this considered too hot? Would this wear out a AR prematurely?
Too hot? No. What is your planned use? It is best used in a 1/7 barrel.

If it's truely a MK262 replica, muzzle velocity is in the 2700fps range.

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Just curious. Would use to just try out long range and SHTF use maybe. Thanks!
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