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Can your vehicle run on "fumes"

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Burn It

"I made a little metal thing to go around here and just drilled some holes to put the hoses in. And taped it on. Nothing real special."


Based on this information, his demographics, and that camouflage paint job, there should be a DHS mission planning session commencing now. Plus he said Hill-Billy too easily.

I think that video should be saved on the hard drive and/ or burned to disc, before it gets erased.
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I've seen this video before and was struck by a comment from someone else who said, "Any engine can run on fumes (idle) but it does not produce "power" when needed, such as stepping on the "gas" to move."

There is no "gas dump" into the engine to increase horse power.

But for a SHTF situation when an idling engine is needed to generate some sort of current, this is great to know.
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