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Originally Posted by 7624U View Post
Page 10. (5) History of penis amputation (878.0) does not meet the standard.

Who would have guessed you could have more than one.
You read the whole thing? (Well "thing" might not be the right word.)
"Hector Lives!"

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So far I have received a waiver by the National Guard Bureau to enlist as an 11b. My recruiter just sent up a waiver for Airborne. Hopefully that goes through as well.
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My buddy had the same issue when enlisting, he wasn't going for SFAS right off the bat but he absolutely had to get a waiver because he mentioned motion sickness at some point in his life. I don't know a lot about the process nowadays but if you do well at OSUT, you'll be given the opportunity to go to airborne. I was always scared to ask for stuff when I was younger, but as long as you work hard and normally keep your mouth shut, don't be afraid to open it when it comes to fighting for what you want. Its not hard to get to SFAS as an enlisted guy, at least on the active side.

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CPT drop and give 25, 4-count, and then go hit the rucksack for 3-miles at the fastest walking pace you can.

Good luck.
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