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McCormick Part II

He was able to sidestep the issue of whether or not he was ever a true Special Forces soldier (graduate of the Q course, awarded the ASI "S"; or equivalent combat service) by recasting his request as a correction from an MOS of xxx2x to xxx4x because he was an acting / temporary Sergeant.

But the ABCMR was wrong for two reasons:

Back then, there was Specialist Four (E-4) , Specialist Five (E-5) and Specialist Six (E-6), etc. They could be appointed "acting" or "temporary" non-commissioned officers comparable to the pay grade (Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant). But as Specialists, they were not NCO's (leaders), and actually ranked below any noncommissioned officer. That is, a "hard stripe" Corporal E-4, as an noncommissioned officer, outranked a Specialist Seven E-7).

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Specialist_(rank)

So the Board made mistake #1 by using the current rank structure to assume that since he was an E-5 he was a Sergeant, and they granted his request for award of the MOS skill level "4" [xxx4x]. While that may have been his duty MOS, unless he had actual orders promoting him to Sergeant (E-5) and awarding him the MOS xxx4x, he was at all times on active duty a Specialist Four (E-4) or at best Specialist Five (E-5) with an actual MOS of xxx2x.

The Board made mistake #2 by also misreading his duty MOS, the slot he occupied (whether qualified or not), with ASI xxxxS and carrying it over to the "corrected" military record when they gave him skill level 4.

But notice he never asked for a change of his actual MOS to indicate he was Special Forces qualified, nor did he request award of the Special Forces Tab.

He was a Company supply guy, a Specialist Four?Five? made an temporary Sergeant (we called them "acting jacks").

But he was not and never will be a Special Forces qualified soldier.

And if he wants to press it, let him go ahead and ask JFK Center to retroactively award the Tab. The answer will be no.

Oh, and by the way, despite the fact that he "though it would be fixed in a week" he busted the three year statute of limitations to file for a correction by 47 years. Yeah, a real sense of urgency. But the ABCMR is inclined to look kindly on older gray haired soldiers when it really doesn't cost anything.

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