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Hey all Im a Prior service marine, served 08-12, got back into the service this year by joining the army. Im striving to serve in SF. just finished OSUT and earned an 18 X-Ray contract while here. Hoping to learn as much as possible here throughout the rest of my career.
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My name is Dean and I am a former US Marine who served 4 years honorably. My purpose for joining this site is to keep quiet, research, and soak up as much knowledge as I can as it pertains to the path of Special Forces. Ideally this will aid greatly in my arduous pursuit of the quiet professional way of life. I wish to thank all those who contribute to running and maintaining this wealth of knowledge and for allowing me to be a fly on the wall within it.
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Returning QP

I have been a member here since 10/25/2009 when the Team Sergeant welcomed me. But i have been away since sometime in 2010. since then i migrated to FB SF Brothers and our other pages. So now with all the stuff going on many of the Brothers are looking for alternate means of maintaining coms. So i am back and will be around the perimeter visiting the different bunkers.

i will be updating my profile somewhat but cautiously as i haven't caught up on how the member vetting works here.

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