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Originally Posted by Trapper John View Post
So we all see DJT as a master of misdirection. I, like most here, have been confounded by Sessions' recusal, albeit for legitimate reasons. It occurred to me that maybe this is by design and could be very useful in the mission to drain the swamp.

The epicenter of the swamp is DoJ. So Trump appoints a loyalist to AG and he immediately recuses himself from all matters related to Russia and behaves as Casper Milktoast. The cover is reinforced by an occasional tweet by POTUS expressing his apparent displeasure with his new AG. The swamp critters breath a sigh of relief and let down their guard. All the while the IG continues his investigation and the AG is making a 'naughty-nice' list. The Mueller investigation concludes with a big Duh. Then the firings begin. Watch to see how the McCabe matter is handled. If he is fired based upon the IG report 24h before his resignation becomes effective then it's game on! Sends a very strong message and the swamp critters now know it's game over for them.

If that was the game-plan, then all I can say is well-played Mr. President, well-played Sir!
I agree with the McCabe matter being important. If he is dismissed before end of day on Friday then he will not receive retirement. That is a huge message waiting to be sent to the swamp dwellers in DOJ, as well as to the normals who voted for Trump that things are changing.
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