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Clandestine Cold War unit honored at Fort Bragg
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Clandestine Cold War unit honored at Fort Bragg

Clandestine Cold War unit honored at Fort Bragg


"Not quite a year after the Berlin Wall was opened, soldiers of the U.S. Army Physical Security Support Element-Berlin left the city without any fanfare.

The end of the wall, which had divided Berlin both physically and ideologically for decades, was a sign of the end of the Cold War. And the resulting “peace dividend” spelled the end for special units like the PSSE-B.

On the outside, the unit was tasked with providing security assessments of U.S. government buildings from South Africa to England. But its members had a secret.

The PSSE-B was actually the 410th Special Forces Detachment, a clandestine group of Green Berets tasked with unconventional warfare and counterterrorism, including a so-called “stay behind” mission in the event of a Soviet invasion...."
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Very interesting, thanks for posting!
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I'm surprised they have unclassified that........ but then again it might have been on hitlery's server.
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If I remember correctly Col Moroney (RIP) was one of the first commanders of that unit.
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