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Thoughts on dual dovetail bases
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Thoughts on dual dovetail bases

What is the opinion on them? It would be going on a .308 bolt action rifle.
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I've not used them but would approach the same as the classic Leupold front base/ring setup like that, which I have used a fair bit. A key thing for me is to insure the rings are noshit square to each other, avoiding undue harm to the scope when everything's torqued down.

I keep around an aluminum cylinder a local machinist made for me awhile back that mics at 1.00 for turning these rings in & then checking the alignment of both. IME you don't have to get that anal, but you want those ring halves with zero binding to & fro before installing the scope. Other than that, they work fine on a sporting rifle as they have for years.

(In the Murphy dep't, I've seen on more than one occasion BigNameCompany screw up the base hole alignment in the receiver from the get-go. Rare, but it happens & no one's mounting solution can fix that.)
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