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38th SF Company?

Looking for info on this unit. It always made me scratch my head when I saw flashes for this unit in the picture books. The flash looks a whole lot like the flash worn by D Co (Ranger) 151 Inf and later 151st Inf Det LRS which was/is DING DING DING, part of the 38th Infantry Division.
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I know this post is old. I think 38th was part of Alaska NG. It was deactivated about 1974 and reactivated as an Eskimo Scout company.
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correct...if you google it, you get...

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38th SF Company

Anyone have a flash to sell? I know this isn't eBay, but I have a few SF goodies that are not yet in the hands of a collector.
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38th SF Company flash

This flash is avail. at Saunders Military (Google them and pull up their website) Type in SF flashes and scroll down 'til you find it.
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Thank you for the information.

Now please read the rules pertaining to new members and comply before posting again.

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