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hey all im in the 18x enlistment program , i dont wanna give my info all out cause im not sure if i can do so without getting in trouble , if i find out i can i will release it then however the reason im here is i wanna learn as much i can from this site so i can be successful with all my training etc.... thanks
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I am Al
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Army 73-76. Aviation support. Stationed at Ord, Casey-ROK, and Devens.

Used the GI Bill to get through college and spent the last 35 years designing and building computer systems that are used to gather and analyze data (business, not military).

I've been browsing the forums for a while. I saw an unanswered question by MtnGoat in an area where I have some experience. Sent him a response by PM. He asked if I'd post my response to his thread on integrating the Zachman framework with Social Network Analysis.

I'll be a one time poster and then just go back to reading.
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Hello all.

Long time lurker first time poster. I'm a 22 y/o civilian EMT attending Paramedic school while working in a high volume ER. I became captivated by SF after learning about the medical training the Deltas receive. Then I found the 18x contract and have had my heart set ever since (would be honored to serve in any SF MOS).

Right now I'm training to get my apft as close to 300 as possible and my ruck miles as quick as possible and will continue to do so while I gain experience as a Paramedic. After which I will enlist under an 18x contract and hopefully get selected.

I will probably not post much (am very familiar with the search button), but would like the option to do so, so here I am.
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Hello, I am an 18 year old high school student about to go to college for 6 months to recover from a surgery, then hopefully enlist with an 11b Option 40 contract. I'm highly motivated, love the outdoors and firearms, and can't wait to learn as much as I can whenever I can.
"9mm kills the body, but 45ACP kills the soul" -Colion Noir
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Hey everybody,

I have been using this site for sometime for advice and tips on being selected and pursuing a career in SF. I am 24, served in the 82nd for a little over 6 years as a 13F and am a new father. I have always intended to tryout for Special Forces since I was kid, my dad was SF and I wanted to be sure I had a little combat and leadership experience before I took this on. Thanks for all the solid guidance on here. Heading to SFAS in two days, thanks again.
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Hi everyone. My name is Jeff W. I've been in the service 9 yrs, 3 regular army tours, 2x Iraq, 1x Afg , as an infantryman. I am planning on attending SFAS within the year or a year's time. I'm currently in FWA hoping to get an instructor job with the NWTC. Got a friend in 7th GRP. Talk to him as often as possible to glean info for success. I don't plan on posting more than this intro, unless I make it.

Thank you mods for taking your time to make this place. I've read over quite a bit and haven't found anything I didn't learn from. And thank you to all the QPs who have paved the way.
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Hello all, I am 30 years old and served in the Army for ten years. First in the NG as a 31C (Radio Operator) in the 143rd LRS. Went active duty to become a 19D (Cav Scout) in the 1-18th Infantry. Then went to SFAS/Qualification Course and graduated in 2009. And was an 18B in C Co 4th Batt 3rd SFG until I ETS in 2012. Glad to be a member of this forum, have enjoyed many of the threads here as a lurker for years.
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Waray Warrior
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Time is near, selection/evaluation next month.
I began my military career July 2008.
I am training hard since the recruiter tested me in February 2014 and my desire is great.
I have purchased the book by Major Martin with Master sergeant Rex Dodson and using it as a guide in my training.
I dont know that I will pass the selection process but I will do my best.
It would be my honor to work with our top soldiers.
May GOD bless us all.

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Hello QPs, thank you very much for creating this website. I learned a lot from it while going through the recruitment process for the Army.

I am 25 years old and have been in the DEP since early April. I'll be shipping out to Ft. Benning on the 20th of May, 2014. The Army liaison tried to sign me up for 18x due to my scores, but alas... Medical waiver for an arthroscopic surgery years ago DQ'd me. I was pretty let down but I enlisted as an 11x and am gunning for an SOF slot in the Army the old fashioned way, determination! I'll be reading through the forum some more to find as many pointers as possible.

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Thank you for your service and the opportunity to participate on this site.

My name is Eric and I am a Server Administrator for a number of colleges and universities in North Dakota.

I have been following this forum for some time after being referred here by NDD's post on "Training the Mind".

I have an interest in firearms and self-sufficiency. I value reading QP opinions on insurgencies and guerrilla warfare as I believe they will be relevant during a "collapse" situation. I've found the information in the "SF Fieldcraft" and "The Early Bird" forum especially useful.

I'm hoping I can be of some value here, especially with any posts "concerning the Matrix", so if you need some computer assistance you can feel free to ask me. I'll try to avoid getting too far out of my lane on other subjects.

Thank you again for the opportunity to be part of this community.
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Thank you, QPs for this invaluable resource. I'm a 21yo 12B in the USAR. I'm currently working to insert myself into the NG pipeline. I'm also a college junior, but I'm hearing the call to volunteer for more. I feel that time is of the essence in this field, and I mean to take advantage of my youth.

Thank you all for what you do,
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Hello Gentlemen,
I'm a prior-service Navy IS1(SW) looking into joining the Florida Guard with the ultimate goal of ending up in the 3/20th. For now I'm still gathering information about the process and steps to take to get me there when I finish with my educational commitments.
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Hallo there. I'm a 16 year old military kid. By that I mean my dad is in I believe his 25th year in the Airforce, and is now nearing retirement as an 06. The overall premise of this board interested me, as I've considered a similar career path as him, but I'll try to stay within my realm of experience. To make a long story short, I've had a short but very experience filled existence. I'll try not to make an ass out of myself here while also sharing what I know. Cheers.
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Introduced myself here a few years ago when I first joined the board in 2010

Started out as a NG 12B and went active duty as a 12B after a year I went to SFAS. I did an on the job training stint for 9 mos. with B/2/1 SFG(A) as an 18C trainee before going to the Q.

Got assigned as an 18B trainee started in 2002 and finished in 03. The best training I ever had in my military career was the Q. I have been to some great schools that are equally as professional but the Q gave me everything I needed to know to succeed in SF. The rest is extra icing the advanced skills the advanced schools for whatever the need was were good but not what the Q was in the grand scheme.

Originally graduated the Q in 2003 assigned to 10th Group missed the invasion arrived after and OIF 1 due to Battalion Assignment went with 2nd Bn to OIF2 . Got the luck of being a SWTG instructor in SUT 06-09 as much as Cadre complain about the long hours training future SF guys was an incredible experience.

I am currently a Chief Instructor in the SWTG somewhere in the 1st Bn Pipeline.
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Re-introducing myself

Hello and good afternoon everyone. Thank you to the QP's and all other veterans on the board for your service to the nation.

I originally joined the board in 2011, but I have not been very active. I'm more of a read and absorb type. There is so much valuable information here already, I have nothing to contribute anyways LOL. A lot has changed since then so I figured I would re-introduce myself.

I enlisted several months ago as an 18X and have been finishing my Master's degree in Intelligence Collection. I just submitted my thesis project, a study on how the Special Forces UW/FID missions can have a positive impact on the CIA, so I am quite excited about that.

I ship to OSUT soon and I couldn't be more excited! I am looking forward to continuing to learn from this board and to the trials ahead on the road to my dream!
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