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Shipping Date Question

Hello QP's,

To cut to the quick I am graduating from college in May and I am in the process of obtaining an 18x contract, took the ASVAB and got the paperwork together, just need to go back for the physical.

Coming into the process I told my recruiter that I have already committed to being in weddings this summer and also need to help my parents move (they need the help physically) so I would be unable to ship until mid August. Today my recruiter said the next ship date is June 8. He and the other recruiters made it seem that this was a now or never decision.

They said I could try to pull together wedding invitations and other paperwork stating my reasons for pushing back my ship date but it was unlikely to be approved and that once the June ship date passes it is unlikely to receive another 18x slot.

My question, does it seem the recruiters are pressuring me to quickly sign a contract for their sake and in that case should I wait? Or is there reason to believe that 18x slots won't be achievable after June?

My bottom line is that I am only seeking an 18x contract, however, I understand that I am in no way justified in having the Army bend over backwards for me in regards to my ship date.

I am aware that some of y'all have experience on the recruiting side of things and may have insight into this situation. I appreciate any advice y'all can give as well as your time.
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I have some experience in this area.

There is a possibility that the policy or circumstance has changed in the last 24 months or so, although I doubt it.

I'll give you a run down of what is likely happening, and what action I recommend.

Firstly, recruiters have deadlines and goals they are given. You are worth two points to them, they are likely trying to achieve a quarterly goal or something, hence the pressure.

All you need to do is say, I spoke to someone and they advised me that there is no reason they (the recruiters) can't call "The Rock" and ask for a later ship date to be opened up for you.

At this point they will likely capitulate. You can gently mention that you understands they have a quarterly mission, but you do need to keep these commitments.

If they don't sway, simply say you need to go back and talk to your guy.

If they ask who, simply say you'd have to check with him first.

Once they know you know the system, they will work with you.

If after all this they still push back, get back to me, and I can talk to my contact at USAREC to see if there has been a change, it's unlikely.


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Thank you for the advice Scimitar,

I'll go ahead with your recommendations and see where it leads, as well as drop you a message if I'm met with push back.
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Originally Posted by KTX View Post
Thank you for the advice Scimitar,

I'll go ahead with your recommendations and see where it leads, as well as drop you a message if I'm met with push back.

Take Scimitar's advice. Also thank you for posting this in a board where I can respond. Hopefully some of my recent experiences will help you.

I went to three recruiting offices before I could even find one that was willing to give me an 18X contract.

The "now or never" line is something that was fed to me by the first recruiting office I talked with. They told me there was absolutely no way that I could receive an 18X contract until I had reached the age of 20. They also started to patronize me and one of them said "I know you >90AFQT types and you guys think too much. The Army is about making life-or-death decisions, and if you can't do that now how are you going to do that in Special Forces? Make the decision now and you'll be able to drop your packet for SFAS within the first year of your first assignment".

I chose not to argue that you can get the contract as long as you are 20 at the time of OSUT graduation because it was clear they didn't want to help me so I moved on to a another station. The second station flat out told me that it was too much work for them to put the packet in and they referenced me to a third station. Fortunately, they are a good group of guys up there (1 1/2 hours away) and were more than happy to help me secure the 18X contract in just 4 days.

I was told from a reliable source at USAREC that these are the only ship dates they have slotted for 18X contracts over the summer are -

12/13 APR 2015
26/27 MAY 2015
1/2 JUN 2015
20/21 JUL 2015
03/04 AUG 2015
13/14 SEP 2015

I am in contact with at least a couple people leaving on each of these dates.

Regardless if there are more dates than this above, I would be skeptical if he is telling you they ONLY can ship you in June. I am not saying anything about whether or not they are available, but I know for a fact that there are guys leaving after June.

Good luck.
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I appreciate the insight Jake,

I'll be heading back to the recruiter next week. Y'alls information has been extremely helpful.
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