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A possible addition to the aid kit...

Seems interesting.

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Sounds like an advanced technique of keeping your patient in a low BP status so you don't throw blood clots. I would like to see more numbers on the patients they say that could have been saved. In my opinion, the wounds I saw with the use of body armor were either relatively minor or absolutely catastrophic.

For a soldier to bleed out from an extremity wound with TCCC trained medic is unacceptable. A medic trying to sustain a wound in a major artery (aorta down to superior femoral, s.vena cava, heart, brain housing group, severe neck trauma) in the field is almost impossible.

In combat the golden hour is the amount of time just to get the HELO approved and in the air. Medics MUST be able to sustain wounds for longer periods of time in the worst condition. Show me that this new treatment is capable, you can carry it in your aid bag, and that you can afford it and I'm onboard.
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