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Originally Posted by Dougy57 View Post
I'm not sure if it's like this everywhere, but at my recruiting station all the people in Delayed-Entry that are waiting to ship to Basic are called Future Soldiers. We have a group leader that schedules PT and other events.

Der Gruppenfuhrer.

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De Oppresso Liber 01/20/2017
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Just an update: Still following the program. Did a PT test and 6 mile ruck tonight.
55 push-ups
55 sit-ups
No run due to rucking
6 mile ruck in 1:29:26.

My strength is getting there, around 50 days till ship date. Back to PT I go.
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Originally Posted by The Reaper View Post

Der Gruppenfuhrer.
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What I've been doing
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What I've been doing

Monday-Thursday time is limited working 10-12 hours in a state prison. I try to get in some crossfit and vary between short intense/ longer paced. I will also do some sort of interval/ fartlek runs with 2 sets of max effort pushups/ situps alternating before the run.
Friday is an off day from work which allows me to do some swimming, strength work to include front squat, back squat, deadlift, strict press, sled pushes/ drags, etc. and then some sort of core and lower back strength.
Saturdays I either run or do some sort of Olympic lifting or will be a mock APFT.
Sundays are reserved for rucking. varying distances and speeds. load to never exceed 35-40# dry. The rucking is to get my body used to the stress and get used to the pacing, but not meant to ruck crazy weights or go for a crazy amount of distance. (recommended weight was 30-35#, no further than 8 miles, no faster than 12:30, and no slower than 14:00)
I do a lot of mobility and body maintenance work. range of motion and joint stability. mobile hips and ankles/ stable knees and feet. ROMWOD programs yoga like workouts that are easy to follow and mobility kits from barbell shrugged have all the mobility dodads like voodoo floss for recovery.
I'm currently 27. I was a 4 year college athlete; strength and conditioning is something that I have been exposed to for a long time. I'm not an expert but I know what works for me. Some days I push to a dark place where I want to quit, but keep going. other days I work on breathing or mental toughness. Other days are fun strength/ meathead days.
reading and power yoga help a lot too. Man's Search for Meaning is a really powerful book.
I don't normally post stuff on here as I would rather just read and soak up information. that said... there are many ways to the top of the mountain, hopefully this helps if you need more ideas.
Get Selected has a great program, SORB has a .pdf for the THOR program, and SOFLETE has a really good Selection Prep plan.
A Majority of the guys I've talked to say RUCK, RUN, GRIP, FOOTCARE are major concerns for selection. And max out the APFT. It was stressed to me that Developing strength is important in the time leading up to the pipeline if you are considering an 18x contract.
"there is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.

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A quick question for those who have bought an alice pack. I have been using a Jansport backpack that is filled with rocks that I have weighed at 55lbs. Would buying an alice pack help alleviate some discomfort? I typically do about 16 or 17 miles at a state park in three hours and by the end the straps are really digging into my skin and chaffing my back.
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Originally Posted by JacobJames View Post
A quick question for those who have bought an alice pack. I have been using a Jansport backpack that is filled with rocks that I have weighed at 55lbs. Would buying an alice pack help alleviate some discomfort? I typically do about 16 or 17 miles at a state park in three hours and by the end the straps are really digging into my skin and chaffing my back.

I have been using a large w/frame ALICE pack. The best thing I have done is make a 35 lb sandbag and completely wrap it in duct tape, it should look like a little cube when you are done. Shove that into the radio pouch in the pack, that way the weight is high and against your back. I have used an old comforter to fill out the bag also. Make multiple sand pills. Some heavier and some lighter. I have a 25lb pill, 35lb, and 50lb. I'm 6' 2" so the frame digs in a little bit at the top of my ass-cheeks/lower back. I have wrapped the spots of the frame that dig and rub with junk towels.
It will take you a few trips out to get it sorted for your body but it will be better than a regular pack.
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Originally Posted by JacobJames View Post
A quick question for those who have bought an alice pack. I have been using a Jansport backpack that is filled with rocks that I have weighed at 55lbs. Would buying an alice pack help alleviate some discomfort? I typically do about 16 or 17 miles at a state park in three hours and by the end the straps are really digging into my skin and chaffing my back.
My limited experience has been that nothing is really that comfortable after 6-8 miles. That being said, I've been using the same Alice pack (issued) for almost 3 years now. Never had to make any modifications, and never had any issues.
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Physical Prep Goals
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Physical Prep Goals

One thing that I always wanted to know before I shipped (and never really could find) is what my goals should be for various physical fitness benchmarks to be at the top of my 18X class.

Now that I'm 7 months into the 18X program....Based on our class of 94 18Xs, here are the physical fitness stats will put you in the top 10% of your class. To be totally clear, I AM NOT sharing the gate events from SFAS. These are just examples of PT events that we did as a class on our own time to train up.

First, you need a perfect score (300) on the APFT. "Don't leave home without it," as they say.:
2-mile run- 11:15 on a track or even road
Pushups- 85
Situps- 85

Rucks (55lb ruck weight, boots & ACU/OCP, 5-7lb FLC with 2qts water, 7-10lb weapon). This DOES mean ruck running, so you really need to train up for this or you will hurt yourself:
4 miles- 46:12
6 miles- 1:08
12 miles- 2:34

2 mile on track- 11:15
5 mile on uneven trail- 32:12

Pull ups (strict, none of that kipping stuff, pause at the bottom and top for a full second):

Hope this is helpful. One really important thing to know...OSUT and Airborne School are both TERRIBLE programs from a fitness/nutritional perspective. You won't "get ready for SFAS" there. You will lose strength as you approach SOPC/SFAS. You will not have enough time on your own to fight that. So, you should aim to beat these goals by roughly 25% before you ship so that by the time you get to JFKSWCS, you are still able to meet them.

Good luck, and remember that the physical stuff is only part of what you need to be working on. Be humble. Be kind. Only small minds think that the "perfect soldier" should act like a crude sarcastic blood thirsty asshole. Give more to your team than you take. Always carry the heaviest object the furthest distance, not to make a show of your fitness, but instead do it out of a desire to serve to your teammates. The 18X program is just a chance to go to "the interview" (SFAS + The Q). Always act like you're showing up for a job interview...because, well... you are, and the physical fitness stuff is just one section of your resume.
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I am currently following the 14 week THOR3 SFAS program that is on the SORB website. So far it is an absolute asskicker and I love it. I could barely finish each day's session at the beginning of the program but now feel pretty good about my progression.

If anyone else chooses to follow this program, please be sure to track your nutrition and your macros! I made the mistake of not doing this the first week and found that I had zero energy, and got lightheaded at the end of the lifting sessions. I think this was due to low intakes of carbs and low glucose levels. I was burning muscle for energy at that point, which is counterproductive to what we want.
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As of Monday Ive started the Military Athlete Ruck Based Selection Prep. But for the past 3 years Ive remained in pretty good shape as its just something I enjoy. From running, swimming, rucking, weights, rock climbing and MMA. Ill probably fall back on MMA, especially BJJ as it has high injury rate and isnt too applicable except for the conditioning. But there is really no other conditioning like grappling lol.

My only question is for 18xrays .. I could possibly ship out to Basic June 5, and with that being said, Im wondering if all this prep will go out the window because of basic training and airborne? Doesnt mean I wont continue to prepare, but just wondering how guys were able to bounce back once they hit SOPC ?
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I'm now currently doing the 30 day program in Get Selected. I'll follow this up with the 5 week USAJFKSWCS program. If my PT scores and Ruck times fall within the highest bracket of what is stated in the 5 week program (276 or higher, 4 mile ruck in 54 min or less), I will be taking the SFAD down in Texas.
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Did some 1/4 mile splits today. I ran a half mile to warm up, then did 8 1/4 mile runs at about 1:35-1:45 per lap.
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