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I am a 67 23 year old EMT currently in paramedic school in the North Dallas area.

I have just completed my bachelors in international business with a minor in German. Which was followed by living in Austria and then Germany for approximately 2 months as part of language immersion program.

My German is roughly intermediate level and have begun learning Russian. I plan on traveling to Ukraine or Russia for language immersion at some point but will use further forum boards to decide if it is worth it or not.

My hope is to use this forum to absorb as much information as possible and once I fulfill my paramedic contract obligations plan to interview for an 18x contract. Thank you for allowing me to join this forum and hear real perspectives from actual quiet professionals.
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Afternoon guys, I'm 26 with a bachelors in economics and math, and have been working as an energy trader for about a year but recently have started processing into the Army. Looking forward to asking questions and hearing from the experienced guys on the forum. All the best

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Hello all,

I'm Felipe, 33 years old, currently serve in the NG as 74D in MA. I have joined the site to learn from you what the life of a Green Beret is like as well as to understand what it takes to become one.
I grew up in Brazil and moved here in '02. Upon receiving my American Citizenship, I enlisted in the NG and am the most proud to give back to this amazing country we live in.
I would like to thank you all for your great service to this nation and look forward to learning from you.

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Greetings everyone,

It is a pleasure to connect with you all and an honor to potentially participate in the discourse and exchange of information facilitated by this outstanding platform. I am 29 years old and live in Miami Beach, Florida. I am married with a 20 month old son and my wife and I are expecting to welcome another baby boy to the family in May of this year. I have a bachelors degree in International Finance and Marketing from the University of Miami, an MBA from Nova Southeastern University, and a Law Degree from Nova Southeastern University. After practicing corporate law for 3 years at a large firm in Coral Gables I left to start my own law firm. My firm, which has been in business for almost three years and has 15 employees, focuses on international corporate law. My grandfather served as an enlisted infantryman in the Marine Corps during which time he fought in WWII, and later joined the Navy as an officer and served in the Korean War. I have always had a strong desire to serve and knew I would do so. However, I took an alternative path insofar as I chose to knock out my educational and business goals first, start and family, and then shift my focus to serving in the military. I speak Spanish fluently (both spoken and written), and am proficient in French, Hebrew, German, and Bulgarian (only spoken). I recently enlisted in the National Guard as an 11B. This MOS choice, and the choice to enlist rather that go the Officer route, was not understood or very well recieved by the various recruiters I dealt with along the way. However, I have always learned every job I have ever done from the ground up, starting with the fundamentals. I felt that the same should apply with respect to my career as a soldier and given my white collar career background I believe putting in time and paying my dues as a grunt will not only serve this purpose, but should give me a more comprehensive understanding of how the Army functions as an organization in general as my career progresses with the Army. My ultimate goal is to take the necessary steps at some point during the latter half of my initial 4 year contract to attend SFAS, and the Q Course subsequent thereto. I am extremely aware of the importance of focusing on my 5 meter target, but I always plan multiple steps ahead. I am just wired that way, and this is what allows me to determine what my short term goal, or 5 meter target, needs to be today. I also am aware that I am almost 30 and not getting any younger, but My diet and PT routine will keep me sharp and competing with the young guys for as long as it takes. I look forward to speaking with some QP's and hopefully getting some valuable advice through my journey. I also welcome the opportunity to gain more insight into the SF world and community. I greatly appreciate those who take the time to operate and administer this site, and the QP's for their invaluable contributions to the platform. This site is truly the holy grail for individuals such as myself and it is a privilidge to be a part of it. In the event I am able to add value and contribute to any of the forums based on my own professional experience and background, to the extent same is relevant, I will absolutely do so.
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Quiet Professional
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Welcome all! Read much, post less, and learn.
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Hello everyone, and thank you for your time. I'm a prior service 13F with just 3 years in 2ID and 10th Mountain, and looking to return to the Army with Special Forces as my goal. I'm here to learn, ask a question or two, and hopefully be of any help I can.
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SF Candidate
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Quiet Professionals,

I am a 22 year-old considering signing an 18X contract within the next year. My athletic background includes XC running, amateur triathlon racing, several marathons and an ultramarathon. I am a long distance hiker, and if any other hikers are reading this, my screen name on this site is my trail name. I hiked a PCT section in WA and WV to GA on the AT this year. I am currently weighing shipping in the next few months vs. waiting and completing a full hiking season before shipping to boot camp and attending SFAS.

I studied Russian in school and if selected would ideally be assigned to 1/10 as an 18C, although I am interested in pretty much everything in the SF portfolio right now, especially deploying to the Sahel, so French is probably a close second for me. For now, I work in my family's small general contracting and construction business.
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I am a civilian who is interested in learning everything I can about Special Forces. I am here to look around, learn some things, and attempt to apply what I learn to my everyday life. There is a treasure trove of great information here and I am learning a lot.

Thank you for having me around.

Above all else, I'd like to express a heartfelt thank you to all the Quiet Professionals who have served, are currently serving, and who will serve this great nation of ours.

Best Regards,
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Lefty Jack
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Hello all,

I'm a 23 year old currently residing in the Boston area, recent university graduate with four semesters of instruction in a foreign language (Turkish), and contemplating an 18X contract in the coming months. So thankful that this forum exists, and hope to gain as much knowledge as possible from you guys. Thanks.
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Demo Mit
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Hello Brothers

Hello everyone. My name is Mitch. 26 years ago I was SSg Harry Myers. I was a 18 C on 163 and 166. I left service due to spinal injuries, lower back and neck.
I was a washout of the 300F1 before going 18C.
SSg Dagnon was one of my instructors.
Legal name change due to a stalker using ID. LEOs and Courts offered no help and it became a financial drain and ongoing physical security risk to myself, my son and new women in my life. Name change put an end to her abusing my credit and tracking me with those credentials.
I left service and worked for Boeing, then Microsoft and some banks in tech industry in Seattle. I liked the work, hated the people.
Due to progressive deterioration of injuries, I was in a wheelchair by 2003. It's been a battle dealing with the VA to get proper care, surgeries, and re-learning how to walk.

I now volunteer my time and effort for several foundations supporting veterans. After two divorces in this state, and having the state treat me as a criminal both times for nothing more than learning I served in SF, I am now wanting to work with those wanting to change laws to help better protect us in court.

I am grateful to be a part of this brotherhood and look to serve it the best I can with what I have.
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Good evening Quiet Professionals, it is an honor and priviledge to be on this site. The knowledge and wisdom here is what I have been looking for, so I am grateful. I served AD in the Marine Corps for 5 years in the Infantry as well as Security Forces, yet feel called for more. I don't want recognition, I want justice and freedom for those oppressed. I just swore in with an ARNG unit as an 11B, and look forward to giving all I have. Should I get afforded the chance I'm seeking to attend a SF tryout, I will go and give everything, thinking of those around me. Should I pass, I will do the same at SFAS. I will look no further for now and am grateful I still get to serve my country.
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Good evening gents and QPs,

I am a 24 y/o VMI graduate, international studies and French major, getting second degree, 2 yr ROTC program, prospective candidate, current 25m targets = crushing grades, PT and advanced camp IOT branch combat arms.

Privileged to know a couple QPs from Glen Head, NY, one from Vietnam era & one from more recent days, (Both 18D, 1st SFG (A))...perhaps one is among the members of this site.

Interested only in quietly lurking and learning as much as possible.

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Hello. Im a 30 yo civilian living in Hawaii. I moved here from NM fresh out of high school to go to college but dropped out and decided to try to make it here on my own anyways. That was in 2006. Now I run and own a gym with my partner and feel like Id like to serve my country. Im currently interested in the rep63 program with the national guard. Right now Im just trying to learn all I can. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge here.
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This is a report with new account, old one was lost for some reason. I retired from the Army in 2013. After retiring had some medical issues to overcome. Now I'm a nursing student in my senior year.

Love trout fishing, camping with my grandson, Jeeps.

Referred here for learning by some 5th Group men during my 06-08 Govt sponsored vacation.

Thank you,
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Hello all,

Long time reader, relatively short-time member. Currently gearing up for an SFAD later in the year.

I look forward to continuing to utilize these resources made available by those who have walked that road.

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