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Heck even the LBG's get it right. Probably one of NDD's students
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I found a couple pic's

ER Lobby,, looks like it's been hardened..


The shooter,, maybe,, if not, he's probably at the same elevation and distance??


I don't have any reports from Quantico,,

But it looks like a shoot through armored glass???

He passed up the head shoot because of fear of deflection,,

Took the best money shoot,, center chest..
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Originally Posted by Odd Job View Post
@ I hope all you gents will understand (for the sake of peace) if I don't comment at all about LeMas ammunition, its manufacturer, agents, sponsors or other parties with a vested interest.
I have set a narrow lane for myself on this board and I intend to keep to it.
As long as you brought it up, you should know this, the only person on this website that has a "vested interest" in LeMas ammo is the owner of LeMas ammo.

This website is privately owned and operated by former Special Forces soldiers. We advertise nothing and we accept no monies for the same. We do not accept donations nor do we sponsor any outside interests.

None of the other websites can say that, none. Keep that in the back of your mind as you read this website.

"The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy, but where they are."
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