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Originally Posted by JJ_BPK View Post
What isle??
I'll never tell.
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I just remembered this: I was stationed at a Special Ammo site on Oki. All of our work areas, except the mess hall, were huge blast bunkers. Outside each platoon barracks was a blast shelter. In 18 months we never had an attack drill.

When I first got to the company I couldn't find the orderly room. Everyone kept pointing at this little structure that was an incinerator. I finally found a hole with steps leading down about 20' to a blast door. I entered and found a shower room and another blast door. I couldn't open the second door until the first was closed. This opened into the comm, crypto, orderly, XO, and CO's rooms.

When I learned what the "special ammo" was and why all sensitive work areas were in bunkers, I checked out the shelters outside the barracks. Man! If attacked I definitely wanted to be at work because the shelters had nothing except rows of benches. They had a single blast door instead of two like the work areas and they didn't have supplies or lighting. Granted each barrack had a c-rat locker and we all had flashlights but, like I said, no drills.

BTW, NoKo was the threat then, too. I arrived just a couple of months after the Pueblo capture.
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Another false missile alert, this time in Japan
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There is a silver lining to this. Suppose they hit the "This is just a Drill" button with a real incoming. Now they can do a proper job of cleaning up the system... I hope...
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