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Long-life gasoline

Since ethanol blends have become common, it can lead to fuel system problems (and top-end failures) in small engine equipment.

If one has ever left fuel too long in their mower/whacker/blower/saw etc, they likely know what I am getting at. The stuff magically changes from Dom Perignon to Boone's Farm (or worse.) The simplest "fix" is preventative: When you are done with the tool, drain the tank, start the engine, and let it idle itself to sleep. Don't rev the wee out of 2-stroke engines while doing this, as there is a risk of a lean-seizure, followed up with an unhappy trip to the New Piston store.

For stuff that sees routine use, mixing high-octane pump fuel with a good oil is all one needs to do... with that, I'd advise keeping it around for maybe 90 days MAX. Stihl Ultra synthetic mix-oil has stabilizer in it, but adding a dose of Sta-Bil (or eqivalent) can't hurt. Once I hit about 60 days, that junk gets dumped in the tank of one of our vehicles, and goes away. OTOH I only mix up a gallon or two at a time, unless I have a bunch of noise to make.

That doesn't help folks who rarely use their loud toys, or rely on a cache for use at some future date...

One solution is a product called 50fuel... it's a non-ethanol fuel, pre-mixed with synthetic oil at either 40:1 or 50:1. It is packaged in 1qt. cans, and should last a long time if unopened. Perfect for a reserve stash, but has a high cost. A similar product (Aspen) is sold in Europe. Even being pre-mixed with oil, it shouldn't cause any problems if run through 4-stroke equipment, such as a generator, mower, vehicle etc...

Another solution is 100LL "AVGAS" available at your local airport. This also has a long shelf life in a sealed container. One pilot guy on another board mentions using 9 year old avgas in a DC3, however the fuel was in sealed drums, and stored in a (very) cool/dry place. The drawbacks to 100LL are few: Availability - your local FBO may be reluctant to sell if you haven't got a plane out there looking thirsty. Moore County International is cool with small can sales though. Cost is an issue... it's roughly twice or more what pump high-octane sells for... Disposal is also an issue. Even with it's longer life, there may come a day when one decides it's not worth risking. Dumping this junk in the tank of momma's car "could" lead to a plugged catalytic converter. A quart or so in a full 15gl. tank, once in a blue moon, probably no worries, but it can and will lead to cat issues if one kept it up.

<Edit>: Some newer small engines come with catalytic converters... Husqvarna stuff has a green fuel cap that gives this away (also the mufflers are stamped "CAT'). Leaded fuel will not be good for the cat-mufflers on these...

Race fuel is another higher cost solution, and it's available in leaded or unleaded at various blends for different intended uses. It also has a high cost, and limited availability like 100LL.

A higher octane rating isn't really the savior here (unless one has done some things to the engine... raised compression ratio, changed timing events etc that requires it) More octane isn't better... Longer stability/useful life is.

The 'canned fuel' or 'expensive designer blends' seems like the best bet if a long shelf life is required... getting my head around really expensive fuel isn't easy or painless, but that's what it is. As I mentioned above, all my loud junk gets 92-93 octane pump unleaded, and premium-grade mix oil... but I date it, and feed it to the pigs once it clocks 60 days.

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Thumbs up Thank You

Just wanted to drop a quick thank you note here. My wife and I have been following this thread from the get go and have used it to guide our emergency plans. Looks like it will be 3-4 weeks here until power is restored but we have even opened any of our strategic reserves yet. I am keeping a notebook of what worked well for us and what did not. We did get water service returned somewhat but it is still undrinkable.

This thread has been a great assest when I can access it with my iPhone!
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Originally Posted by jasonglh View Post
I am keeping a notebook of what worked well for us and what did not.

Luck to you & the Family,, and your neighbors..

Stay warm..

Let's see an after action report, with lessons learned,, when it's over..

Go raibh tú leathuair ar Neamh sula mbeadh a fhios ag an diabhal go bhfuil tú marbh

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How's this for cool: http://stores.homestead.com/Laruetac...ail.bok?no=255? And it's from one of our favorite businesses too!
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I never knew what 'Dillo' powder was until last week. I think I get a can of seeds on my next order.
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Yes Jason stay warm. I have walked that area when I was at Campbell. Hope is all going in the right direction.

Also would like to hear a AAR when it gets all done,


Just a guy with a radio.. and a very sharp knife...
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Mormon Preparedness Manual

I found the following manual to be very helpful:


I have seen most of those articles elsewhere but to have them in one book with an index is nice. The section on food storage is first rate, especially the bare-minimum requirements recommended from the church.

The manual is 220 pages, I found it helpful to find a printer that could print both sides of the page and two pages per side. It kept the paper to a manageable level.
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Originally Posted by MAB32 View Post
Has anybody here heard of SSG Don Paul U.S. Army Special Forces (retired)? He wrote a few books on survival supposedly on the principles of an individual and as an "A-Team". Don't know much more about him other than he almost died back in January of 1976 during an A-team nighdrop into Panama. Both chutes didn't deploy properly and he bounced really hard (his phraseology).

I just want to know if anybody hear has read his books and/or knows of him personally?
I met him at Hickam AFB about 1990. He is an interesting person to talk with. Always thinking, just a little different from the average person.
I have a copy of "Everybody's Knife Bible" somewhere. It is the only book of his I have read. For someone with NO training it would be ok.
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Planning Factors


As I said the other day, Great thread!, I really do enjoy it. Now I confess to not have read it all yet, so some of what I'm about to say may have already been covered. I apologize for double-tapping if it has. My personal thought process has always been to use the same silly acronyms and cliches the army has instilled the first being:
Shoot, Move and Communicate. I figure these have always covered a lot of the basics in the past, no sense in deviating from them. But you have to break it down. You have to think about how you are going to be able to accomplish those 3 simple task if you can't go to the store and buy the required items to do so.
Next is taking these 3 and applying them to the next 3 factors: Static (base defense), Mounted and Dismounted. Can you cover the SM&C in each aspect, granted if your static your not moving, got it.
After this I think of the 10 Classes of Supply and what of these I would need and how I would/could procur them in a crisis situation, what I need prior to a crisis situation to procur them, and what I need to stockpile/save for a rainy day.
And even though I put this last it should always be thought of in the initial stages is METT-T. As corny as it may sound, it is very useful.
I try to think of these and how they would relate to a crisis situation and what steps I need to take prior to that situation to increase my and my dependants survivability.
Yes I left out EPA, sorry. where to go when the decision point has been made to go there, and what to take.
What I haven't seen on these post yet but wouldn't be surprised is the expectation of whats going to happen if the economy fails. We as a nation are a service based economy. Now I truly don't think the US will collapse and we will be reduced to banding together in small like-minded communities to survive. But I almost wish that would happen versus what I truly fear will happen, and that is we will continue to see a growth in Government both in manpower and control until we do end up as a Socialist nation. The new President on his speach the other night (Tues ?) began with "Only the Government can fix this crisis the country is in" To me that seems as a intro for a bigger, more controlling Federal Government. Just my .02 cents worth. Anyway as I stated in the beginning, love the thread. Keep up the good work.

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Originally Posted by chipw View Post
I found the following manual to be very helpful:


I have seen most of those articles elsewhere but to have them in one book with an index is nice. The section on food storage is first rate, especially the bare-minimum requirements recommended from the church.

The manual is 220 pages, I found it helpful to find a printer that could print both sides of the page and two pages per side. It kept the paper to a manageable level.
chipw - nice work. I haven't read the whole thing, but scanned it enough to see this is a great piece of work. I know what I will be reading this coming week. Thanks for posting.
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I believe then that the currency of the future will be the bullet.
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During the Kentucky ice storm we went without power for 13 days. I just got my cable restored last week but have been quite busy.

I had a decent stockpile or so I thought but really did not have to dig very deep. I had a 5k watt Coleman powermate generator that is about 10 years old with very few hours on the motor. On the 2nd day the dry rotted gasket on the fuel cap got sucked into the carb and when I went to remove the fuel bowl sheared off the brass bolt/jet combo. It was a Tecumseh motor so I had no spare parts for. The next day we finished cutting trees down our road with the neighbors to get out and was able to secure a new part.

I have since bought a 2nd Generator with a Briggs and Stratton motor. I had 2 pressure washers frozen over at my garage and will be replacing 1 with a Briggs that has an identical motor. Looks like 4 bolts and I can swap the motors out if needed in a future emergency.

I had a large garbage bag filled with empty milk jugs so I did not have to open any of the 6 cases of water I have stored. I also did not have to use anything out of my 3 month emergency supply of food. We ate out of the freezer and used an electric griddle, propane turkey deep fryer and my coleman fuel campstove.

When all the pumping stations went down and we lost fresh water I melted snow and ice in the turkey deep fryer to allow us to flush the toilet.

We bought ourselves gas logs for Christmas this year and they were supposed to drop a 250 gal tank but apparently dropped a 120 gal instead. We came very close to running out before they could refill it so when its empty again I will get it swapped out for the 250 gal tank.

Over at the garage/guest house I had a propane reddy heater and another 120 gal propane tank. We used the 2nd generator to run the reddy heater over there to try to keep it from freezing. My brother lives there full time until he and his wife save to build a house. There is also a woodburner in the garage that did a fairly good job by itself of keeping things above freezing when the generator was off.

Every trip to Walmart I try to buy something to put in our emergency supplies. We were in good shape with batteries, propane, camp stove fuel and non perishable food. Having hundred of lbs of ground beef/deer and lots of hamburger helper was useful.

We had considerable damage and had a claim for $25k. They will be reroofing most all structures on the property, repairing lots of decking and the bar/party house had a water leak that ruined the furniture and carpet. The insurance company is also reimbursing me for purchasing the 2nd generator as well. If I hadn't busted my ass to keep the main house from freezing they would have been replacing my geo thermal unit and they knew it.

I am going to have a transfer switch installed to run our entire circuit panel and may look at buying a PTO generator. I have a 56 hp tractor that can run a 27500 watt pto generator. I am also going to replace every light blub with compacts.
Victory is the only end that justifies the sacrifice of men at war.

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Great report Jason, thanks!

Some food for thought there.

Our propane supplier heard "whole house generator" mentioned in our future plans and dropped in a 500 gallon tank.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat." - President Theodore Roosevelt, 1910

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My wife would like to get one but we cannot get natural gas only propane here. The figures I have seen are for
5000 watts = 10hp = 100,000 btu per hour or around 1 gallon of propane or natural gas

so for the 20,000 watt whole house that would be around 4 gal per hour

I forgot to mention my fuel storage plan did work out well. My original plan was to use the sea-foam to treat 10 gal of storage fuel in addition to the 30 gal I keep in my boat. We keep the deck boat at the marina now so I lost the 60 gal I had stored in it. I also had 20 gal, 10 gal, 10 gal, stored in my 3 tractors.

Since the entire western part of the state was without power and there was a 3 hour line to get gas at the station with a generator (when it wasn't out) I used my stored fuel. I used all but the 30 gal in the boat (because it is harder to extract) before gas became more available here.

Future plans will be to add a 3 way to the gas line of the boat to make it easier to drain. The height of the tractors makes it easy but the tank in the boat is down in the belly.
Victory is the only end that justifies the sacrifice of men at war.

Col. Robert W. Black
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Bulk Water Storage

An interesting product for bulk water storage. I'm building a new house and am considering a place for 2 to 4 of these in my garage.
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